Beware, Your Cell Phone Could Be Messing Up Your Good Looks!!!

August 26, 2013
By AimenChaudhry GOLD, Lahore, Other
AimenChaudhry GOLD, Lahore, Other
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From sending text messages to taking pictures and checking your bank balances, there's no shortage of tasks today's cell phones can accomplish, but there's a newly discovered downside to mobile phone use too: It might be making you less attractive. Read on to find how your cell phone effects your beauty.

Red Eyes
Staring at your cell phone screen for hours while surfing the Web, responding to emails or playing Temple Run 2, can cause your eyes to dry out and also to become extremely red, and that's never a good look!

Dark Circles
In a recent study, researchers in the U.S. and Sweden found that radiation emitting from mobile devices cause headaches and interrupt vital sleep patterns. "Not sleeping can lead to everything from increased stress levels to dark circles and bags," Dr.Eric, founder of Clear Clinic in New York. So, if possible, leave your phone in another room and use a separate alarm clock on your nightstand (if you remember what they were).

Bad Skin
Recent studies show that cell phones carry 18 times more harmful bacteria than a public toilet handle! Your cell phone is often pressed up against your face several times per day, so it's easy for that bacteria to make the jump to your skin, leading to infections - causing bad skin.

The small font on your phone, may cause you to squint, leading to forehead wrinkles and crow's feet over time. "When you squint, you are changing the muscles in your face and making the skin more crinkly,"Schweiger said. "Botox can help out with this, but you have to train your body not to make these expressions."

Sagging Jawline
Constantly looking down at your cell phone to send a text, or play a game can lead to a saggy, wrinkled neck and jaw line. The only way to reverse this condition is surgery. But, you can avoid needing to go that route by holding your cell phone up in front of you or another easier way is to lessen its use!

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