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Nuts about coconuts- just plain coconuts

June 6, 2013
By CSHCSH GOLD, Jakarta, Other
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Living in Indonesia, I had always taken coconut for granted. Coconut is my number one favourite fruit, and one day I just felt as though I knew so less about the food I loved so much. With technology at our fingertips, we can now research and acquire information at a matter of seconds. So I decided to google ‘Coconuts’.

Coconut (its scientific name is ‘Cocos nucifera’) has three main layers- exocarp, mesocarp and endocarp. Coconut is named as a ‘functional good’ since it has many health benefits and is highly nutritious in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Not only does it taste great, but coconut also is excellent for our health as well.

Halfway through reading about coconuts on Wikipedia, I decided to find out more uses for this remarkable fruit. The first Google entry that caught my eye was none other than ‘coconut oil’. Cocount oil, like its name, is edible oil that is extracted from the fruit itself. According to many sites, coconut oil is used for cooking, especially in South Asian countries. Coconut also is used to pop popcorn in many movie theatres- perhaps that is why I can’t get enough of those delicious movie snacks! But coconut oil is not just for eating. Believe it or not, coconut oil is regularly used in industries as well. It is used as an engine lubricant and sometimes, as transformer oil. Besides these uses, coconut oil is also applied in the field of dermatology. Coconut oil is beneficial for dry skin and is usually used as a skin moisturizer. Not only that, coconut oil is also used as a base while making soaps- a hygiene product that I will probably be keen to buy!

After a few minutes of detailed research, I also found out that coconut is used in the field of medicine. Coconut is used in traditional medicine all over the world to treat illnesses such as asthma, colds, constipation, skin infections, tooth ache, ulcers, rash, malnutrition or kidney stones. Surprisingly, coconut is also used in modern medicine as well. Coconuts can help treat infections such as candidacies, athlete’s foot, diaper rash (mothers note this!), or ring worm. Coconut can also kill parasites such as lice and tapeworms. It also helps reduce health risks associated with diabetes and helps prevent osteoporosis and tooth decay. Coconuts also help control dandruffs (which explain why there are so many coconut related hair products). To find out more health benefits of coconuts, don’t hesitate to visit

Coconut itself is also a perfectly fine fruit for consumption as coconuts provide a nutritional source of quick energy. Since coconuts also aid in digestion and bowel function, it is no burden to our digestive system. Compared to other fats, coconut has low calories, thus preventing obesity. Athletes should also eat coconuts more often since coconuts boosts energy and endurance, and can prove to be advantageous during athletic performances.

Coconuts hold so many benefits for our body and our health. It surprises me that I have never bothered before to actually find out more about this miraculous fruit. We can see coconuts in our everyday life- coconut shampoos, coconut skin care products, kaya jam, coconut oil pills… Did you know that Indonesia is the country that exports the maximum amount of coconuts? And yet we live in this country, ignorant of the wonderful facts about this fruit. I sincerely hope that the readers turn this page knowing more about this fruit than before. Coconut is a great element in nature, and I feel we ought to learn more about it, embrace it, and create more awareness about it.

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