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April 10, 2013
By Jack16 BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
Jack16 BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
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Today’s male population is starting to let them selves go, we are getting larger, unhealthier, and closer to obesity. I see the challenge of being overweight as just a small obstacle, one that is not challenging to overcome. If proper measures are taken and the will power to drop those few pounds is held for long enough period of time, the challenge will be met. The proper measures include aspects like a proper diet, exercise and the right mindset. Get off away from the Call of Duty and get on the cardio.
A healthier diet and life style is the first step that needs to be taken to become physically fit and in shape. Eating right will be key if weight wants to be lost and muscle gains want to be seen. Some men think that his is a very difficult thing to do, but actually it is rather simple. A cut that must be made in order to begin healthy eating is no more eating out. Meals will be eaten at home; this eliminates the risk of buying an unhealthy meal and devouring it. This part of the ways to get healthy also helps with money, because eating out can really be costly. And yes, this does mean no McDonalds coffee and no Starbucks to wake you up in the morning. A major part of eating healthier is in the in between meals that everyone tends to have. Snacks must be totally removed if weight wants to be lost. Meals have to be made smaller as well, but this doesn’t mean you have to have three very small meals. The best way to lose weight is to increase metabolism, and the way to do this is to have 5-6 small meals a day. When your metabolism starts increasing the speed at which you lose weight will drastically increase.
Once you get past the first step things get much easier. Working out and doing cardio can actually be made enjoyable if done correctly. Proper steps can be taken to make this part of the process painless and fun. When you head off to the gym make sure you have a playlist that gets you pumped but can also keep you entertained. Make sure to keep the rest in between the sets you complete as small as possible, this keeps your heart rate high. When your heart rate is elevated more than normal is when calories start to be burned and weight is lost. On top of working out with weights, a type of formal cardio must be done. This doesn’t mean that you have to go outside and run if it is 20 degrees out. Another type of cardio that can be done is in the pool, on the court, or on an elliptical machine. This is an important aspect to losing weight though, if cardio isn’t done, then the maximum amount of calories wont be burned. The whole idea of losing weight is burning more calories than your body is taking in. This cannot be achieved if the right amount of cardio isn’t accomplished.
The mindsets of every athlete and body builder are all the same. You have to want to reach the goal you are going for 110%. If you don’t want IT more than you want to breath, then you will not be able to accomplish your goal. Every part of your day should revolve around losing weight, getting in shape, and eating healthy. If these three goals replace the want to sleep then you will begin down the road towards self-image euphoria. If you ever feel like you cant keep doing the endless workouts and healthy eating habits, get some help. Friends are good pushing force that keeps your sights narrowed in on your goal. Going to the gym with friends or just a workout friend can really boost your effort at the gym and your urge to go to the gym. I have experienced this too, sometimes going to the gym by yourself can get old, even boring. This can be prevented when you share sets with a friend or compete against them, it never gets old when you want to put up more weight than the guy standing next to you.
All of these three components need to be completed to the fullest extent if anything wants to be completed. There is no room for slacking if goals want to be reached. For some this process will be harder than it will for others, but everyone CAN do it. Weight is something that everyone can lose, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. If someone says they cant lose weight it’s because they aren’t trying hard enough or they are skimping out in some area. Do not let yourself down by doing this half way. Take the challenge and make something out of yourself.

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on Apr. 19 2013 at 8:58 pm
I suggest you look up these documentaries; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and Hungery for Change. 


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