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The Truth of Health

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"People say I'm beautiful, but my weight says different." Everyday I hear words like this said by Cannon Falls High School students. As well as girls complaining that they gained a few pounds. Students assume a fit teen is a healthy one but thats not always true. I once believed it as well. To be healthy someone has to have; emotional, physical, and mental strength, according to Nike's Livestrong Program.

Abounds amount of stress come with a teens life. To realize the great life thats possible, emotional strength must come into play. It is hard to gain or maintain this health while beginning weight loss. A delicate body may occur if weight loss is not done in a healthy manner. Concentration loss, stress, anxiety, and mood swings are all signs of unhealthy weight loss as stated by Livestrong's "Mental and Emotional Effects on Weight Loss" article. To help ignore these symptoms make sure to have a healthy intake of food, and plenty of sleep. Along with emotional strength, mental strength has to be equally as strong.

Before beginning weightloss, being able to say "I can do it", will be a necessity. This is the first step to a mentally strong person. Improving this part of health can be done in many ways. One being to fight your alarm clock in the morning, concluded by "Healthy Weight Loss for Teens" by Livestrong. Try to work out with friends, they are a great motivator, and free! To keep your mind motivated, instead of in the gutter, check out a food tracker online at

Many teens fall into a stage of low self esteem about their body and think that starvation is the only way to change. Eating healthier is a great way to begin the change. Start slow, but then gradually eat less and less junk food and use motivation to eat more healthy. Trying to cut out all junk food right away, it is a lot trickier to stick to. The body without food can not function and has not energy, without energy a work out would not be a workout. This means eating is essential, and starvation should not be a choice. Workouts begin to become a habit if they are kept consistent. It will take effort and time to meet your goal of a better self-esteem, so learning to cope with the weight is very important. Make sure to keep in mind that the more food put in the body, the better metabolism that person will have.

There is a dramatic difference between wishing for something and truly wanting it. I have started my path to a healthier lifestyle, and so can anyone who really wants to. Life can bring you many obstacles, but training can help you to overcome them. Together with mental, emotional, and physical strength anything is possible.

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