The size zero tale

April 4, 2013
We girls have one thing in common throughout our life.Watch a stick-thin model flaunt her curves in front of you and it makes you go green with envy.More than the envious feeling in our eyes,it is the fascination of a skinny body that occupies a large space of our minds.Put on Fashion TV and you won't see even a struggling model who has a normal BMI.Fashion magazines write articles on how to lose 10 kgs in 15 days (and all the stuff!).
We often sit around with our friends discussing this lame trend.Dialogues such as "Who wants to be so thin?" and "Ew She is so skinny.It looks bad" are often heard.But is it the jealousy that makes us say this?Because,lets face it.Every girl wants to have size 0 body,no matter how awful it looks!Somewhere in the corner of our mind,we are secretly planning a regime for becoming thin.If we follow it or not is absolutely a different question.Size 0 models have 23 inch waist and an underweight Body Mass Index.It looks good.But it is certainly a momentary satisfaction.
Girls get "inspired" by models like Kate moss and Cindy Crawford who have abosolutely no mass.It is a miracle of Science.Or should I say a curse of globalizing which has these unfathomable consequences on the fashion world and ultimately on their watchers?Its nothing wrong that the fashion world exposes such ideas to the real world.But it is up to girls as to how much they should let it get to themselves.Size zero leads to anorexia which is a slow killer.Number of models have fallen prey to it and lost lives at ages of 20 and 22.
Everyone wants a fabulous body.But,we fail to look at the negative side of the things we plan to do.Cigarettes help in weight loss.It is one of the reasons that people have started smoking so much.The size zero factor slowly leads a girl towards drugs.Once,I read a story about a girl called Gabriel who started starving herself to lose weight.She went on the path of becoming anorexic and had to be kept in the ICU for days together.She was on the verge of dying at the age of 15!
It is one's personal choice if he or she wants to be thin.It looks good for time being.Doing it the healthy way is always a reasonable choice.Models need that figure because these trends are the rocks of their career and practically their life.The size zero tale used to be famous,but now its infamous.These are just idiosyncrasies which can be rectified if the person looks at the pros and cons of being size 0.

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FaeNotMyName This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 8, 2013 at 5:32 pm
The intent of this article seems nice, but I would be careful with the generalizations you make when you say 'girls' or 'all girls'. I know plenty of people who are perfectly content without a size 0 body, and I know I don't look up to supermodels. Not necessarily. I feel sorry for them. As someone who's struggled with an eating disorder for five years, I know how tiring it is on the mind and body to starve for the "ideal", even if it's not the ideal body th... (more »)
Legendary replied...
Apr. 10, 2013 at 11:56 am
I appreciate your comment.What you said is true.This is what majority of girls think,not all.There is lot to learn from girls who recover by beating anorexia. And thanks!
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