Nature is Beautiful

March 15, 2013
American writer Amy Bloom once said, “You are imperfect, permanently, and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” In other words, everyone has imperfections, and it is these blemishes that make one stunning. What one person considers a flaw, another may think of as a strength. For example, a girl with a perfect body might be suffering from depression, while a slightly overweight girl might compensate with a bright personality. I am no exception to this state of balance in the world. I do not have clear skin, but I am very optimistic, a characteristic on which I pride myself the most. I tell myself, “Hey, you might not have perfect skin, but that means you won’t eat any unhealthy foods anymore that worsen your skin condition! Sure, the loss of delectable cheeseburgers might seem tragic, but in the long run, it is good for you. Lower risk of heart disease, right?” Because I embrace all my imperfections and love myself just the way I am, I am able to live happily.

My short height is another feature that most might consider a flaw but I think of as an asset. As a fifteen-year-old at four feet eleven, I am below the average height for my age. There have been many events in my life centering around my diminutive frame, but my most vivid memory is an incident from third grade. At the school I attended, elementary students played separately from the preschoolers. When a boy saw me loitering on the blacktop for older students, he mistook me for a three-year-old and asked me to go back to the other playground. I eventually corrected his misconception and everything ended smoothly, but I’ve been giving my short height much thought ever since. Yes, being thought of as a preschooler is a bit embarrassing, but my petiteness has given me advantages as well. Because I am short, I get to sit in the front of the classroom, which enables me to see and hear the teacher better, in turn helping me focus. In addition, I am able to have my pick of future boyfriends. Because girls usually prefer dating guys taller than themselves, I am able to stand next to boys both above and below their average height without looking too awkward, while naturally tall girls have a hard time finding men even taller than themselves. My short height gives me much freedom, and this characteristic is what makes me love my body the way it is.

Nature is beautiful. God has His own reasons for creating each unique human being the way He has. People are perfect in their own way, and what may initially seem horrible may actually be a blessing in disguise. Everyone should acknowledge his or her flaws and find the good in them, as I have done with my skin and height “problems.” With this acceptance, people will be happy, and happiness is the greatest form of beauty anyone can ask for.

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