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Addiction is an issue in the US and causes many problems for people and their families. It can cause a person to lose money, their job, or ruin a relationship. One type is alcohol addiction. It is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. It alters behavior, and destroys brain cells. Cells cannot work properly after high doses of alcohol, causing the person to drink again. Many people abuse alcohol because a person they view as a role model or a friend does. Alcohol addiction can destroy relationships and cause a person to lose a lot of money when they buy alcohol.

Furthermore, another type of addiction is drug addiction. This is also a very big problem in the US and many other countries. Feelings of pleasure in the brain cause people to continue use. Drugs increase risk for several kinds of cancer, including lung and brain cancer. Also, the person develops a psychological dependence on the drug. For example, nicotine is one of the most addicting drugs.

In addition, gambling is an addiction. Gambling destroys individuals and families, and increases crime. It is the fastest growing addiction in the US. Likewise, internet accelerates this addiction because of its accessibility. Online gambling causes inability to see money physically leave a person’s hands, and they are less conscious of time and money than in a venue. People are attracted to gambling because of the potential to earn great rewards, and the excitement gained from playing.

Moreover, another type of addiction is video game addiction. This pulls players into the time consuming nature of virtual worlds, such as The Sims, Minecraft, and many other popular games. Video game addiction can cause people to neglect real-world responsibilities. Violent video games can cause negative physical, psychosocial, or behavioral problems.

Additionally, another type of addiction is hoarding. It is a form of OCD. People who are worried about uncertainty often collect items in an effort to find comfort. The items provide a sense of security and safety. Hoarding is a serious issue because it is very bad for a person’s health. It can ruin relationships. In addition, it can cause death because a person could suffocate.

Given these points, I think addiction is a serious problem. It can ruin people’s lives by having health issues, family/work/relationship issues, and in some cases even death. Alcohol and drugs are dangerous because they can cause cancer or other physical/mental illnesses. Treatment for addiction can take a very long time, and doesn’t always work. Also, it can cause a person to lose their job, or even lose their house because they spend a lot of money gambling or buying drugs or alcohol.

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