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February 18, 2013
Hey! Why do people do drugs? Why do people drink? Why do people bully? I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink alcohol, and I defiantly don’t bully.

I don’t do drugs. In my opinion, drugs are one of the worst things a person my age can do. Drugs pollute the mind, body, and on top of that, they are illegal. Drugs like acid, or mushrooms have been shown to be directly related with effects of paranoia among people who do these drugs. These drugs can also lead to things like schizophrenia or home syndrome where people become hermits to the world around them. People who use cannabis drugs like marijuana can suffer from depression, or anxiety attacks. A common theme among most common drugs people take are types of psychosis like not knowing if things are real or not, not knowing if something happened or didn’t, or even not knowing what you just did. Drugs pollute the body as well, such as heart failure with high stimulant drugs, or heart attacks. When drugs enter the blood stream, they have to go through the heart at some point and be pumped to other places of the body. If the drug is strong enough or if it has a high concentration of chemicals, when it reaches the heart to be pumped, it can weaken the hearts ability to pump blood efficiently lowering your stamina and your energy flow. Using certain types of inhalants to get high can damage your lungs. For example taking drugs through insufflation where the drug is fine misted into a spray into your lungs can cause permanent damage to the lungs as the drug attack the lungs bronchioles. This can suffocate you, and permanently disable your ability to breathe and function from blocked bronchioles. The lungs can be damaged from tar build up as well from marijuana, and tobacco from cigarettes. The other thing about doing drugs is that they are illegal. That’s right, they aren’t allowed. 739,000 were arrested in 2006 for possessing small amounts of marijuana and 91,000 were arrested for marijuana related felonies. Getting caught with possession of marijuana in Ohio and lots of other states costs you your driver’s license for half a year, and a fine of 3,000 dollars. Other states such as Texas and others are a lot more serious about these things. If you get caught with weed in the Longhorn state, you get 180 days in jail and an amendment to your criminal record for life. In Oklahoma if you are caught with possession of pot you get two, to 10 years in jail. Wait though; you can always just grow your own right? If you want a fine of 20,000 dollars and five years to life in prison that is. There are now almost 10,000 federal inmates in jail and 40,000 state inmates for marijuana related offences. Alcohol is just as bad as doing drugs.

I don’t drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol affects your ability to make good decisions, it pollutes your body, and it can cost a lot of money and time. The ability to plan ahead properly, remember important information, and work with others is lost when you are under the influence of alcohol. Lots of times someone who is drunk will go outside without a coat or umbrella not thinking about the weather and they get a cold or hypothermia. Someone might get locked out of their apartment because they forget where their keys are or forget to lock their door and come back without a television in their room. Alcohol also leads you to say things to people you will surely regret later on in the future. Alcohol also ruins the body like the liver and brain. Consuming alcohol especially at a young age can critically damage your liver. Alcohol is not supposed to be consumed in copious amounts young or old and when this happens your liver strains itself to process all of it through the body. When your liver is straining itself to work, it can fail. The same thing happens with your stomach. The stomach is a very strong and important part of the body but it can only process so much alcohol a one time and when it gets overloaded it either works way too fast and you can die from alcohol poisoning, or it fails and you need to get it pumped from alcohol immediately or else you can die. Another reason why I don't drink is because I have better things to do with my money and time. A lot of high school parties that have alcohol served as a beverage cost anywhere from five, to ten dollars to get in depending on the size of the party. Sometimes people will pay an adult older than 21 to buy booze for them for a party or for themselves. If someone is willing to do this than they usually will ask for a pay bump including more than how much the alcohol was. That is a lot of money that adds up in the end to have "fun" for a night or two. I would rather spend my money on things that legally make me happy like food, soda pop, or anything else that I find a worthy investment. Along with a waste of money, I find that drinking alcohol is a waste of valuable time. If you do drink, then you won't be able to study, work, create, or talk with people because you are under the influence. On the weekends i always study for upcoming tests or quizzes, and finish any homework assignments due after the break. A lot like drugs, bullying is just not the right thing to do.

I don't bully others. I don't bully others because it ruins lives, you don't gain anything from it, and it is against the law. Bullying ruins peoples lives because it can make victims depressed and powerless which has an incredibly negative effect on children growth and emotional development. When people feel emotionally dysfunctional they do bad in school, lose friends, and become shut out from the world around them. Bullied kids are usually sad and aren't optimistic for the future leading to depression and thoughts of suicide. They usually won’t participate in activities or social gatherings. Bullied kids also do badly in school because they either don’t care about their grades anymore, or they just can’t focus on academic material because all they can do is think about their troubles. Another thing about bullying others is that you honestly don't gain anything from it. Unless you really like to see others in pain or agony emotionally or physically then I don't have a clue why one would bully. Even if you do feel good about yourself when you bully you shouldn't. If you are having troubles with your life and can't handle new emotions then talk to your guidance counsellor at school or your family about it, but don't take it out on others trying to hide your feelings towards the world by trying to be powerful or mean. Doing others harm to try and keep yourself from harm itself is meaningless and distasteful. It is easy to be in control against ones in fear of you but it doesn't mean its right. The ones who are right are the ones finding help, a path to happiness from lonesomeness standing up to their bully and breaking free. Also, bullying is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania much like doing drugs or drinking alcohol under the age of 21. The police take many bullying cases seriously and those who have charges brought up against them go to a court hearing with real justice and a real judge. You may get off with a fine or you may have to transfer schools. Lots of students that are charged with criminal affairs such as bullying have to do community service and pay large fines. This doesn't even explain the guilt and pressure that one would feel when they are going through charges and such.

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