Return To the Past

January 30, 2013
By , cleveland, OH
Don’t you think we should return to the old days of no technology? When there was no medicine. When we survived from our on power,endurance, and cooperation. When there are exciting challenges with survival of the fittest, killing off the weaker genes, working toward the perfect human, immune to anything. It would be better to return to the past for many reasons. The past was better than what we have now.

This world is screwed up. Creating machines to allow people to become lazier. In the old days we used to walk miles and miles at a time just to hunt our food. This doesn’t include the trip back carrying the dead prey.Survival of the fittest happened back then. It allowed the strong to survive, the weak to perish. Keeping the stronger, faster, more cooperative people alive. Allowing evolution to take place and creating better and better humans. But machines are not allowing us to reach our bodies full potential. Being in the way

This world has too many weak genes still hanging. As long as we continue to keep those who have weaker genes alive, they will continue to spread their genes around. Allowing medicine to keep people non immune to the bubonic plague , sickle cell disease, or the swine flu, alive, then they would create more non immune people. With a lot of non-immune people many people die off from a single disease. Medicine prevents us from reaching to body potential. Keeping alive these gene are only makes money but doesn’t make mankind better as a whole. I see medicine as an hinderance to us.

I know medicine would keep loved ones alive and allow you to see them longer before they die but that really isn’t important because imagine this. If it weren’t for medicine up until now then you could have been a super immune human and not suffer from one of those diseases that you hear about everyday. You can enjoy life more and stop worrying about little things like illnesses and go for big things like success. Medicine hurts us more than it helps as you have seen above. It doesn’t allow the body to adapt to and learn how to fight diseases. They weaken us in total. The weaker you are the more you pay for yourself and relatives. Now think. Is medicine really that useful? Is it worth the money, the ruining of life, the continuation of weak non-immune people?

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