Brains and Bloods oh my.... Drinking and Drugs? Goodbye!

January 30, 2013
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¬Do you ever wonder what the causes of alcohol to the human body and brain are? Why do people get so aggressive after an excess of alcohol consumption? Alcohol damages your brain. It makes you say things that when you’re sober, you probably wouldn’t do. Many people in America, even young adults, get their hands on alcohol. It could be by an older family member, an alcoholic friend or even use fake ID’s and buy some on their own. The older you get, depending on how much alcohol consumption you suffered from as an adolescent, the more chance you get of suffering from brain damage. The effects that alcohol can cause on your body/brain are injuries to your hippocampus, a decrease of neurogenisis by more than 50%, and dangerous thoughts and actions to the brain.

The affects of alcohol can cause serious damage to your hippocampus. In the article “Alcohol vs. Marijuana” on the website it says that, “the binge of alcohol consumption is particularly injurious to the region in your brain called the hippocampus.” The hippocampus plays an important role in your brain. It’s where all of your learning and memory skills come from. Depending on the alcohol consumption you have, it can seriously mess that part of your brain up. This is dangerous because if you’re an adolescent, or in college and have a really bad alcohol consumption problem, you won’t be able to focus on your studies. The older you get the worse your memory gets, so it’s very important to be aware of your drinking. One way we can stop this is by taking away alcohol, but it’s too common in America for it to just go away.

Alcohol consumption can lead to a decrease of neurogenisis by 50%. As it says in the article, “Alcohol vs. Marijuana in the Brain” on the website, the authors suggest that these changes might produce a long lasting vulnerability within the hippocampus that may well predispose these young adults to neurodegeneration later in life. That’s basically saying that the more you binge drink alcohol as teenager/young adult, the more chance you have to lose the process of your brain slowly, yet surely. It can cause a decrease in the production of how neurons as said in the article. Basically, the binging on alcoholism messes with your brain’s ability to learn. It is important to stop alcohol consumption; young adults are getting access to it more and more by the year. They don’t realize that it can seriously mess up their futures.

When drunk in excess, it’s connected to higher death rates and involved in greater percentages of crime compared to other drugs. As it says on the website, “Around 90% of all assaults, 50% to 60% of all murders and over 50% of the rapes and sexual assaults on children are alcohol related.” Many of the crimes happening in the United States of America are alcohol related. Many of the deadliest and scariest crimes are due to an excess on alcohol. Innocent people all over the world are victims of alcohol consumption, and many of those people really don’t realize all the crimes and dangers it can cause to their lives. You wouldn’t think that alcohol is that dangerous to cause all of those scary crimes. It’s connected to higher death rates compared to most drugs. This needs to stop! It needs to be controlled.

Alcohol addiction can be stopped although it may be really tough and take a lot of time, it is possible. If you know anyone who is suffering from an excess of alcohol, take them to an intervention, or have a very important family reunion to express how it’s affecting you and the consumer. Learn and/or teach how to enjoy your time instead of putting your life in danger. Maria Cheng once wrote that it is connected to higher death rates and is involved in numerous crimes than most drugs, even heroin. Aren’t you scared that your loved one may be one of those next victims? It’s incredible how much someone’s personality can change while being wasted. One minute they’re having a good time, the next they’re being aggressive. Alcohol addiction will kill you. You may even end up in jail the next morning.

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