The price of communication.

January 17, 2013
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Rachel is a 16 year old girl. Her and her mother never had a conversation before about the real world. For her mother it’s the opposite because, she think that it’s a new world, and there are TV , radio, magazines, school, church etc… that is all over the world they talk about the real world. Rachel never do what her mom said, because each time her mom say something she never be strike about it , and never stand behind it. For her it’s like if you said something once it’s enough for the children to listen. Rachel had some friend in high school, who was trying to convince her to go out with them, finally she agreed. The first night she sneak out from her house. Her mother was at work, and usually comes at 12:00 in the morning. While Rachel is partying with her friends, smoking, and doing drugs, and all king of stuff that teenagers are not supposed to do. They brought her home in a car at 2 o clock in the morning, she passed by her window and pass out in her bed. In the morning, she knew that school started at 6:50am but, she came home at 2:00 am. Her mom went upstairs open the door and say “ hey! Wake up Rachel, do you know what time is it?”. Rachel wakes up and run, she had the same clothes that she had yesterday. Her mom brought her to school. While in the car they had a short talk.
mother: “what is wrong with you? Look at you?”
Rachel: “mom! I just slept late last night gush!!!”
mother: “ didn’t you know that you had school in the morning?”
of course Rachel knew that she had school in the morning, but she was out with friends. When she got to school she went to class and her friends was looking at her. After 2nd period they met again and that’s what happened. Her friends camel started talking.
camel: “what you doing later?”
Rachel: “hummmm nothing. Why?”
camel: “we’re about to get some weed here, you down?”
Rachel: “ what? What you mean?”
Camel: “let’s skip 3rd period and go girl!”
Rachel: “I…. I never done this before”
2nd friend: “one day at a time you ganna have to do something new right!”
Then after convincing her, they took grabbed her hands and go. They skip the rest of the school day. I ran to her but she was already gone. The school principal called her mom but, again she was working so she couldn’t answer her phone. As a cardiologist you’ll get fired, if you dare talking on your phone while you “re working. When Rachel got home at 4:45 pm, which was the right time school ended. After her mother check her phone and listening to the voice mail, she was really mad.
Mother: “young lady! What is going on?”
Rachel: “what do you mean mom?”
Mother: “oh yea! You ganna know what I mean in a second”
she slam the door and started yelling at Rachel.
Mother: “you skipped school today? Going out with friends?”
Rachel: “it was only one day mom”
mother: “what the hell are you telling me…Its only one day?”
Rachel: “yes! I’m not standing here, having to explain myself to you right now.”
Her mother slapped her in her face, then say madly “this is not how I raised you. You know better than that!” Rachel responds with a low voice “whatever”, and then run to her rom. Her mom grabbed her hand and say “this is the last time, you heard me” when Rachel got to her room, she cried, her mom felt bad but she didn’t care. That same night camel called her, they helped her to get out of the house. That second night she went somewhere whit her friends, smoking having sex etc… she got home at 12:00pm.she went to the kitchen started shaking, she drank some water, then go straight to bed. In the morning she wakes up early, go to school without seeing her mother. That day I finally had the chance to talk to her, she listen to my word. She stayed for the all day. That was only for the day I talked to her. Next day she didn’t came to school, I was worried, but sad that I couldn’t find her and see what she was doing. A month later, she came home and fined her mom in her room like she was looking for something.
Rachel: “what are you doing mom?”
Mother: “what is that Rachel?
(She found a lighter, condom, cigar, weed….)
Rachel: “Moms get out!”
Mother: “I pay this house Rachel! Not you! I have the right to do and look for whatever I want.”
Rachel: “mom I……I’m”
mother: “what Rachel? What is happening to you?”
Rachel: “what do you see happening to me?”
Mother: “you’re getting Fat, your eyes are red, look at you! You look like someone they find In the corner of a strip club.”
Rachel: “mom stop!
She started crying, “ mom I’m pregnant!
Mother: “what! You what Rachel?!”
Her mom took her slapped her as hard as she could.
Rachel: “ stop mom, stop!.”
mother: “ how could you?”
Rachel: “ I’ve always waited for you to come talk to me, but you never did”
mother: “ I’ve always want what’s best for you, but look what you’re putting me thru”
Rachel: “mom its your fault”
mother: “how is it my fault?”
Rachel: “ every child have parents who talked to them about what life is about, but it’s like I have a mother that don’t even care if she have a daughter or not!”
mother: “ this is new time Rachel! You should know better, look you have been drinking…”
Rachel: “ you never, never mom…”
mother: “ but honey you have go to church every time , you’ve heard about hose stuff”
Rachel: “ no mom I swear to god, if you had talked to me nothing of this would happened, I needed you mom.”
mother: “ oh my god! What is your dad is going to say?”
Rachel: “I prefer getting out of this house”
Rachel run.
mother: “no you are not living this house Rachel, not letting you do this a second time!”
Rachel: “you did it before mom”
mother: “ what do you need me to do?, you can’t keep this baby Rachel”
Rachel: “oh yes I’m mom!, so I can teach my baby what’s the real world is about when they become teenager, so don’t make the same mistake.”
mother: “you can’t even take care of yourself”
Rachel: “because you never take care of me, good bye mom”
she run out side, I was standing in front of the house waiting for her, so I could calm her down. But she run with a force while a truck was coming, she didn’t see it .Her mom was trying to stop her, to run after her from the passing through the car, but I remembered that I was just a ghost with no power. The truck couldn’t stop either, she got hit by the truck. Her mom was shocked , so was I. sadly Rachel lost her life and her unborn innocent baby. Later on that day her mother realize that this day was Rachel “ birthday. Since that day nobody could not comfort Rachel’s mother. Now she saw that she made a big mistake.

1] she lost her daughter

2) she lost her unborn granddaughter

3) the fact that she didn’t talk to Rachel about the real life

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SunshineKarmaGirl said...
Jan. 24, 2013 at 5:38 pm
This story was really really amazing!! It should say something to parents and teens!! It was perfet but watch out for grammer mistakes. :D
Sefora replied...
Jan. 25, 2013 at 4:41 pm
thank you :)
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