January 17, 2013
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The scenario took place from home and finish at a hospital.
Stage 1: Malice noticed that she’s been having Unknown pain every morning. She’s always taking pills to make the pain go away, but it only last 1 hour. Malice ends up drinking a bottle of Advil every hour? Her Boyfriend always telling her to get check, so she can find out what’s wrong. One day she was in the bathroom, and she noticed blood coming out. She rushes to the hospital. The scene took place in the ER. The doctor enters the room.
The Doctor told her she was affected by someone who has CHLAMYDIA. The first thing she was thinking is she is going to die. She got home, called her boyfriend and told him the news. She did some research, and the first thing she was thinking was “DEATH”. She told the boyfriend that he needs to get tested. They visit their Doctor regularly. 3 years later the boyfriend died because he refused to keep having unprotected sex, and refused to get tested for STD. Now Malice knows how to prevent CHLYMADIA. She is teaching her close one about it and her experiences, which include how she lost her boyfriend.

Doctor: “What’s seems to be the Problem?”
Malice: “I’m not feeling well; I keep having pains every day, like pain during sex, lower back pain, and discharge from virginal”
Doctor: “Lets me take a look at your temp, and your heart rate.”
Minutes later after the doctor finished examined her. She got out of the room. Then came back in the room.
Doctor: “Miss Malik are you having any unprotected sex?”
Malice: “Umm yes, I have a boyfriend. What does this have to do with this?”
Doctor: “I’m going to have you pee in a cup for me. Ruining some blood test. And then we’ll go from there.”
Malice: “Okay”
After hours waiting for the results.
Doctor: “Miss Malik, I just received the result. And I’m afraid to say, but you have CHLAMYDIA INFECTION”
Malice: “ Wait What! I never heard of anything like that?”
Doctor: “okay now, I know this might sound strange to you. But let me break it down for you.”
Malice: “please do!”
Doctor: “Well people get it from sexual activities. People get chlamydia by having sex with someone who has the infection. “Having sex” means anal, vaginal, or oral sex. It can be transmitted even if the man does not ejaculate”
Malice: “Oh my God! Does that mean I’m going to die Doctor!?”
Doctor: “NO! MALICE! You could have been dead, if you never came. If you didn’t rush to the hospital as soon as possible. But since you did, well get on medicine.”
Malice: “What about my boyfriend? He gave it to me didn’t he?”
Doctor: “you just told me you only have sex with him, didn’t you?”
Malice: “yes! How can he catch it? He’s certainly not cheating on me!”
Doctor: “Malice now just calm down. I need to see your boyfriend no later than this week okay?”
Malice: “okay, but what are you going to give me?”
Doctor: “Now, CHLYMADIA won’t be treating in one day or one week. I have to prescribe you some treated with antibiotic but if not treated, it cause infertility (PID), ectopic pregnancy. It can injure reproductive organs.”
Malice: “okay. I will come with my boyfriend tomorrow.”
Doctor: “fine with me. You have to talk to him. Don’t make him freak out okay. Just tell him what you have and you guys come see me. Or if he wants to come by himself that’s okay.”

When malice left the hospital. She texted he boyfriend.
Malice: “Hey Andrew we need we need to talk.”
Andrew: “I was looking for you all day today, where were you?”
Malice: “I went to the hospital.”
Andrew: “what happened? What did the doctor say?”
Malice: “we need to talk face to face Andrew; I’m waiting for you at the school park”
Andrew: “Okay, I’ll be there in 5 minutes”

5 minutes later.
Andrew: “ you are making me scared malice, what is it? Are you pregnant?”
Malice: “NO! You need to come to the clinic with me tomorrow. RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL!”
Andrew: “for what! Why can’t you tell me, what’s going on right now?”
Malice: “the Doctor will explain to you better than I can.”
Andrew: “I won’t go if you don’t start talking now MALICE!”
Malice: “Okay fine! I have CHLAMYDIA! And I believe you gave it to me”
Andrew: “What the HECK is CHLAMYDIA!?”
Malice: “would you just go to the hospital with me tomorrow for GODSACHES!”
Andrew: “I’m not! I already told you. I don’t want to. And no one will tell me what to do. You know me better than anyone; you should have known that I wouldn’t go”
Andrew walked away from her. The next day, she went to the clinic. She told the Doctor that Andrew Brock up with her, because she told him she had CHLYMADIA. And he gave it to her.
Doctor: “I’m sorry it had to end up this way malice. You’re a very smart girl and I want you to take care of yourself. Talk to your friends, classmate, tell them how CHLYMADIA is really an important DISEASE that they should know about.”
Malice: “Doctor, you said I won’t die right? If I take medicine.”
Doctor: “you can re catch it again if you have sex unprotected AGAIN. Make sure you tell people around you what CHLYMADIA is. If you can’t, send them to me. I will tell them”
Malice: “okay, I will. Thank you Doctor.”

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