Don't Take Away My Junkfood

January 16, 2013
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It is insane that the government is doing away with all of the candy, soda, and chips in America, and just because 25 percent of Americans are obese. There are still the other 75 percent of people, and most find it outrageous when the store no longer carries king-size candies.

For starters, it is the principle of the thing. If the government can regulate what we eat and drink, could bigger things be a step away? Could they say “Hey? Since we control what are citizens eat, we should control their wages, kids, and Internet?” We have the freedoms set by the US Constitution, and controlling what we eat could very well be a violation of it.

Even worse, not all of us are fat and overweight. I am 78 pounds, and how am I supposed to gain the weight I need when I receive apples instead of fries in my so-called “Happy” Meal, and what will happen if only reduced-fat milk, chips, and popcorn are stocked? As mentioned before, only %12- %20 of us are overweight. The rest of us don’t need the calories displayed on a big screen like a radiation warning. The people overweight simply need to not buy fast food.

To make our dieting nightmares have nightmares, the government also has decided to put healthy foods on our plate. Every kid going through the lunch line is FORCED to put a vegetable on their tray. And how many kids are going to eat these vegetables? Most likely they will get tossed in the trash or given to somebody who likes to eat the hideous stuff, making it an unconstitutional waste of food.

In conclusion, the US is being a dictator when it comes to our diet. They won’t ban cigarettes or drugs but they will ban candy bars if they have too many calories. Talk about beating around the bush and minorities. We have the right to eat whatever we want and have our own idea of obesity.

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JLMgirl said...
Feb. 1, 2013 at 5:18 pm
Ha ha! I agree with you... I weigh less than you do and I don't like apples. So when I go to mcDonalds ( which actually isn't very often) I'm hungry after I eat. It used 2 fill me up. But yeah. I know there are a lot of obese people out there but that doesn't mean us tiny people have to suffer! It's usually their fault they're obese, anyway. Not always, but usually. Anyway, gotta go. I'm hungry. ;)
ConstanceContraire said...
Jan. 23, 2013 at 5:51 pm
It is upsetting to see the government banning candies due to the amount of calories in them , considering the state our meat industries are in, GMO foods, etc. that alone shows they dont care about the health of our people, they only care about the profits. I am underweight as well but I dont believe that is an excuse to pig out at Mc Donalds. There are places called Food Deserts, which is a town with only  fast food resturants and no way of getting fresh produce. It is impossible to not ge... (more »)
. said...
Jan. 22, 2013 at 11:00 pm
This is an interesting perspective. However, I don't see how it relates to "beating around the bush and minorities."  Even though you are supposed to gain weight, it's of little use if you simply eat junk food. There is value in trying to maintain an actual balanced diet, which is what the government is trying to accomplish through healthier lunches, etc. Although wasting food is bad, nowhere does it say in the Constitution that citizens of the United States cannot wa... (more »)
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