the last hit

December 21, 2012
By , lakewood, CO
Well tbi (traumatic brain injury) in formal NFL players. There have been too many concussions and it seems that the NFL has done nothing to try to prevent it. But they have done something about it. The NFL has done something, The NFL has made a different design of the Helmet to reduce the chance of a concussion

The rate of players getting concussions in football is now 1,700 in the NFL and a whopping 66,000 in the college level. So it is safe to say it looks like the toughest years of playing football are in college. But I`m not here to talk about college football I’m here to talk to you about the NFL. But when you hear about a death in the NFL this year they all ways shoot themselves in the chest because they save their brain for medical purpose and concussions research.

The fact they kill themselves is chilling isn’t.

They say that love is powerful thing well I think that the NFL has more power. Well I’ve seen players kill themselves because they crack under pressures of the NFL. Well the NFL has done something about it and I hope they don’t have an NFL lockout like the NHL.
I hope you readers listen to my words as well as perants about football and at least look out for conditions and concussions in football league.

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