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November 29, 2012
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A few weeks back, I happened to visit my friend’s grandfather at a psychiatric ward. Apparently, I was not shocked to be informed that his old grandpa had been admitted there due to Insomnia.

However, it was indeed disturbing, when I met several teenagers or young adults who have been spending several weeks…enclosed within the four walls of that ward. I learnt that, they were suffering from various mental health complications. Among them, was the infamous illness, which started with the letter “D”.

At that moment, I was driven by a sudden urge to help those patients. The very fact that I was just a girl in her teens, I could not have done much to save these particular occupants of the ward. I left the place feeling very small.

Over the recent months, more youngsters are falling prey for depression. This predator, can at times claim the lives of its victims.
Therefore, with God’s grace, I hope that at least; my advice on how to handle a disillusioned state will be of use to those who are facing challenges in life…and are bound to fall into the pit of depression; if not tackled wisely.

First and foremost, we must all realise, learn to accept, and yes…CELEBRATE! our problems. In my opinion, when one is forced to face various odds in life, it is actually a blessing in disguise. This is because they might come out of it resilient. Often, we feel challenged by an issue that eats us from the inside. Hence, folks! Show that problem of yours, that you are more powerful!!! It is in your hands to duel it to smithereens.
Listed below, are the several manners on how you can win your problem over. The vital ingredient in battling depression is to believe in yourself. You must be willing to have the drive to find a solution to your misery and push yourself to excel despite having setbacks.

I know of cases where, they lose the hope to continue living. They think that it is the END and see a bleak future ahead. Well, it is normal to be shattered when your life takes a disastrous turn; that is human nature! Thus, it is a hard necessity, that we constantly remind ourselves; the existence of society. Adults often caution us that, “It is a big bad world out there!” I would not totally agree to that. In fact, I daresay that, they are many “god-sent’ samaritans who will be more than willing to offer you help in settling life’s crisis. One very good example is the ‘BEFRIENDERS’, a non-profit organisation. Furthermore, it may also be helpful, if you are a member of a support group or a follower on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You may also choose, to create a blog, where you are able to put your feelings into words. Sometimes, it is healthy to pour out and set yourself free.

It seems depression actually months, or sometimes.. even YEARS; to show the consequences on an individual.

Looking from the bright side, we can actually ‘make hay while the sun shines’. It is crucial, for one to seek professional help, even at an early stage. Paying a visit, to a psychologist nor psychiatrist is often a taboo. I would like to emphasize that, it is a MUST that we all start coming out of our ‘cocoons’ and prepare ourselves to accept the fact that you cannot keep denying and shying away from reality. Almost everyone, leads a hectic and stressful lifestyle nowadays. Hence, it is not very peculiar if you have something to share with a doctor.

People, we all know that ‘Rome was not built in day’, it does take time to heal. So, you ought to play your part by not fretting over the past; and pick your pieces to start moving on.

Here’s, a little inspiration to all teenagers who require some zest. We have the Hunger Games, a best-selling science fiction from author Suzanne Collins. The story revolves around teenagers who are forced to battle to the death. Katniss’s determination and boldness, when she rebels against Panem’s officials should be followed by those who are braving and bracing through harshness of life.

In a nutshell, ‘life is like photography, develop from the negatives’. You should be proud of your strengths… and work on your weaknesses. Then, you will deserve a standing ovation. To, all those fighting depression, my prayers shall always be with you.

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