Obesity Promoted

October 31, 2012
By , Wilmington, MA
A third of American adults are overweight and another third is obese. Combined, 68.8 percent of the United States is overweight. Then why, may I ask, are there so many fast food places in one town. Wilmington alone has a McDonalds, a Burger King, and I cannot even tell you how many pizza joints. On top of that there are, 3 Dunkin Donuts, as well as A Heavenly Donuts and a Donut Shop stand in Wilmington. There are always nutritionists and dietitians that are telling people to eat healthy and make wise food choice decisions. With all the fast food restaurants in one town, that it is hard to do for people who cannot cook or are in a rush. It almost seems like obesity is being promoted when the town decides to build such large amounts of restaurants with unhealthy foods.

The Learning Experience

An example of indirectly promoting obesity is The Learning Experience, a new preschool in Wilmington, Ma. This innovative preschool allows parents to save time from getting ready in the morning. Located behind a Sonic, parents can now get their kid breakfast by passing through the drive-thru on their way to school. Preparing healthy, homemade breakfasts are no longer necessary. Junk food tends to give a quick release of energy. Once the sugar runs out, the body loses energy and crashes quickly. So, I assume the children do not have any problems falling asleep at nap time. Teaching kids to use time management skills, it truly is the Learning Experience.

Decisions, Decisions…

Wilmington has been very busy in building new developments, and not knowing what they will put into them. As you can imagine, it must be very difficult to decide between inserting a new pizza place or donut shop in the vacant spots. I think the empty building at the intersection of routes 62 and 38 would be a good spot. With windows level to the sidewalk, and no guardrail between the window and the street, it would be a good spot for a pizza shop. A delivery car could back right into the window, the pizzas would then be loaded in the trunk, and the delivery man would be on his way. He doesn’t even have to get out of his car. Of course, not getting out of his car means engaging in less physical activity which might cause him to become overweight. But that is beside the point.
I believe that these problems can be solved easily. Towns simply need to stop constructing so many fast food places. Healthy restaurants or sports complexes could replace them. If a town takes measures to discourage unhealthy eating, citizens will take notice and pay more attention to what they are eating. The numerous unhealthy restaurants in every town is a problem that I strongly believe needs to be adjusted. It is an easy task that many other citizens should encourage.

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