In What Ways Do Teens Experience Loneliness

October 22, 2012
By MCbaby. BRONZE, Visalia, California
MCbaby. BRONZE, Visalia, California
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As a teenager many children can feel out of place or in a sense that they "don't belong." They can go through things that make them feel so alone even in a room surrounded by people. Whether its something going on at school, home, or just with their inner self; You can never really tell when they are feeling lonely or left out.

There are some cases where things are going on at home that effects the child. For example, if the parents are never home or if they are but pay little to no attention to their son or daughter; then their child could feel a sense of loneliness. Also, if a parent pays more attention to a different sibling rather than equal attention to them both.

Another way a teen could experience loneliness could be during school. Although they could still be in class full of students they could still be so very lonely. Not sitting with anybody at lunch, or having a partner in p.e or in a biology lab. Little things such as these examples could really damage a growing child's life and possibly stay with them into their adult hood.

Loneliness is not always just being "Alone" but could also just be how one feels about him or his self and where in life they think they belong. They may not think that they fit into everybody else's' life. You never want to make anyone feel lonely and you should always let them know your here for them whether its a friend, family member, or just a stranger in general. Talking to someone about their feelings could make someone feel good inside and let them know you care. You may not know it but little things like just saying "I'm here for you," could make a major differentce in somebody's life.

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