Dyslexia This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   She is perched there for hours

At her homework stricken desk

Stacks have become towers

Overwhelming and a mess

A simple assignment

Demands answers impossible to devise

For her mind is in a state of torment

Constantly unsure

Her eyes reread a line

Over and over again

A sign all is never fine

The words' meaning are getting lost

In a maze from her eye to her brain

The wires are somehow crossed

Her pen can't write what she sees

So the simple act of copying

Turns into World War III

When the letters on a page start flying

As and Os blur and switch

Bate will transform into date

And her page looks nothing like the other

Leaving her feeling second rate

Her mind is getting lost

In some bizarre charade

She thinks this happens

Because of a mistake she's made

Or a god she's displeased

When really it is not her fault

Her brain gets confused

And all it does is somersault

Never knowing right from wrong

Her eyes glaze with tears

As her tower of work

Turns into a tower of fears

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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Lily">This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Jan. 10 at 8:52 am
i love this so much!
Lady_of_the_Silver_Dagger said...
Dec. 9, 2009 at 3:04 pm
Amazing! You've captured not so much the diagnosis of dyslexia so much as the emotions behind it. Wonderfully breath-taking.
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