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The Rhino Curse MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   My nose is really dripping.

My head is full of stuffing.

I cannot hear, my ears are plugged.

I think I'm seeing double!

I hate head colds.

I only catch half of what is said.

I think my nose is dead.

My tastebuds

Are certainly in bed!

I hate head colds.

It's called Rhinovirus.

Whoever thought of that?

Why name this wretched, reoccurring affliction

After such as animal as that?

I hate head colds.

Just imagine a big grey rhino

With a snout as big as

The trunk of a tree

Wandering around snorting.

I hate head colds.

I would think a rhino

May have it a bit worse.

Just finding a big enough Kleenex

Could be quite a bit of work!

I hate head colds.

I honk into a tissue,

Another sneeze is coming on.

Oh, why does this have to be?

They always last so long.

I hate head colds.

I know it is a natural occurrence.

Everyone is affected.

Surely, they will be now

After all the germs I've projected!

I hate head colds.

Now, you will too.

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i love this so much!

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