Don't Let Them Fall MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   It starts. It's really no big deal to begin with, but it becomes a passion. Atfirst it seems fun and a game, but soon you're in a maelstrom of trouble. Thisgame becomes a necessity and you start to lose control. There's nothing you cando without your precious alcohol. Alcohol turns into oxygen: you need it to getthrough your day. It becomes not only your best friend, but your only friend. Ithasn't happened yet, but I see him falling. He's slowly shrinking his mind, hisliver, his personality and self-esteem. It seems bizarre that somebody can turninto an alcoholic at the age of eighteen, but it can happen. Don't be surprisedwhen your closest friends start bursting into mad rages and breaking windows. Orwhen they never want to leave the house without their beer or whatever it takesto drift into their imaginary world, to hide from their problems. He'll readthis; he'll be mad; he'll deny it, but he can't keep running forever. There willcome a time when he will either fall and never be able to get back up or he willaccept help. So, watch your friends; don't let them fall. t

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i love this so much!


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