What is Vanity?

July 16, 2012
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What people see as beautiful is not always the case to medical doctors. So why is it that in the 21st century to be attractive is to take drastic measures and get cosmetic surgery. People with body dysmorphic disorders generally pass themselves as unattractive when really their eight's at best. As human beings we strive to be the most dominating of our peers from the day we are born we strive for our parents approval in hopes of receiving love in return. The same happens to us as we're adults. In the world of dating, adults generally strive on picking the perfect mate through appearance, personality, family values, religion, and sexuality. But what happens to people when that part of vanity doesn't fit in to their life style, what if the extremes they do to break barriers is forbidden.

Are you obsessed with the way you look? Or is love blind towards that special someone?

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