May 29, 2012
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Oh!This is computer a computer world.Everybody are becoming a machine in and around.The social behavior had became selfishness and a grief. But there is a one relationship that will never have such a wolf behavior. That is nothing but the relationship between a mother and child. The child is the only creature that show all its emotions and expressions naturally. So i hope hope this nature can also be changed into machines with the music players, play station, video games etc.. They usually get attracted and addicted to such things. The parents can allow the child to play naturally with the nature. The nature is always helpful to us she is the mother. Mother will never deprive or cause bad things to a child. On a survey of Doctors of Infection of Clinical Biological University at London, came with the report, that the playing with mud,sand and dirt are more healthy than a child who lives in a sterilized room. This survey enables us to think in in vise verse that a child which plays in a dirt will automatically possess a natural immunity in them.The bacteria that enters from the dirt decides moods and attitude of the mentally challenged mind, says the never think that the child playing in the mud as a bad habit he or she playing with the mother..the land belong to one of the five elements of mother nature..moreover according to the great epic of hindu MAHABHARATHA says that LORD KRISHNA eats mud to show the world in his mouth.. but if we scientifically take a look at this story i would tell that even the child could change this world into his control by his feelings to this land..the feel of mother to the child is by the small touch so let your children to touch the land to feel it and save least the future generation can start feeling it..

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