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By Austin C., Grove, OK

     A week before spring break, I was at third base catching grounders during batting practice when a teammate hit a grounder to me. As I moved to make the catch, the ball skipped off a lip at third and hit me in the eye. I had a huge black eye, but other than that I felt okay.

The next week I went to the eye doctor because I was having trouble seeing. The doctor told me I had a detached and torn retina - without surgery, I would lose my sight in that eye.

The day of surgery, a nurse wheeled me down to the O.R. and put an IV in my hand. Before I knew it, I woke up and the surgery was over. My eye hurt a lot and I was nauseated.

The next day, I could go home. My eye was still really sore, but I could open it a bit. My eye would get a lot of gunk in it and I had to wipe it constantly. A few days after surgery, the stitches began to fall out which was when my eye started to itch a lot. After the second visit, the doctor said my eye was going to be fine.

Finally I recovered, which was a relief to me and my family. The doctor said I could do everything I used to, although he did not recommend boxing. He said I should wear eye protection when playing baseball, and that I would need contacts or glasses. He told me that I could do whatever I wanted, but to be careful.

Overall it was a long recovery, but everything turned out okay. I did not get to play baseball this season because of my injury but I will be stronger and more ready for next year. I just hope that the coaches give me a shot and fix the lip at third base.

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