Is this kind of freedom right?

May 11, 2012
By shanza rehman BRONZE, Sugarland, Texas
shanza rehman BRONZE, Sugarland, Texas
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Buying contraceptives from a store is definitely less embarrassing than walking in the high school corridors with a belly like a football. The American society today is so acceptable to these absurd acts of teenage life that they do not take any action to protect their young teenage generation. The liberal American thinkers should understand that if they will let their child hold their finger then the child will probably try to grab their hand instead of the finger. This simply means that the more freedom parents give to their children, the more they are forgetting their limits. Therefore there should be a limit to freedom.

I am an eighteen years old myself but, experiencing the reality of American culture through my own eyes was a big blow. Although even in my society we have love marriages and people have relationships but never do they cross their boundaries nor do their parents encourage it. No matter how modern you get, sexual activities between two unmarried people is a violation to society, religion and one’s own values. However most of the American people are not religious nor do they follow any culture. These limitless boundaries of values and cultures have led to the disastrous effects of teenage lives in the American society.

It is no surprise that every day when you open the TV there is news about sexual harassment and rapes. Statistics suggest that over 90% of the victims in sex abuse cases know the people who harassed them. Parents allow their children to have relationships even though some do not even intend to cross their boundaries yet, when there is no one to protect, some are even raped or murdered. If the American culture will promote sex based relationships before marriage then it might not come out of the problems its young generation is facing today. Most of the children follow the footsteps of their parents. They do the same mistake their parents did, like avoiding abstinence and ending up with responsibilities to raise a child.

Most of the couples get married when they encounter that a baby is on its way but the reality of life, responsibility and lack of coping hit them hard in the later years of their married life and they end up getting divorced. This drastically affects the children and in order to get rid of the stress and ongoing emotional trauma of family life, they seek relief in wrong doings like drugs and sexual activities. Thus, this cycle goes on and on. Even if the child does not intend to commit any undesirable acts, they are either convinced or forced to do so. Teenage life is the most crucial stage of a person’s life. This is the time when the people, environment and attitude of people around you influence and mould your personality. If a person is not a strong believer in himself/herself then probably they will end up getting influenced and convinced by others. Getting influence by others is not a harmful act but influence could be devastating if your company is not the appropriate one.

I would like to quote an incident of my health class which I found very astonishing. My teacher was teaching how abstinence is good for the community as a whole and one should refrain from sexual activities until it is the right time. He then stated how he did not abstain from sexual activities himself and his girlfriend got pregnant. His whole life changed at that moment and he had to marry her to support the child and halt his education for a while. This astonished me because what does the teacher expects the students to do when he himself did not abstain from sexual activities when he was a teenager. Students are taking leads from the adults and dare to question them when they are stopped from undesirable acts. Once the adults take action to stop the younger generation, only then the young people will value and cherish their customs.

However, not everything concludes in a negative way but why should one take risk of an unpredictable future. Everything is destined for a time in life if you try to get it before the right time, then you have to face the consequences.

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