May 8, 2012
By Fooreverreza SILVER, Corona, California
Fooreverreza SILVER, Corona, California
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Today the world is full of fast food restaurants and the cruelty of animals. Our population is growing up to being manipulated into animal slaughter to eat something that is inconsistent and unhealthy. To be descended upon all harmful activity laid onto the animals and being described to holding onto our own fate. Starting with a big juicy hamburger looking so lavish and delicious. But truth be told what places, such as McDonald's drawing out for you, is not all truly what you are eating, more like an illusion that just sucks you up into a black hole for their own sake.

In United States, there are more population growing each year, people losing and gaining jobs, causing their lifestyle to be fast forward. Our country is one of the laziest countries in the world. Evoking more places like Wendy’s and Taco Bell to earn millions, but with the meat being injected with hormones or the source, such as cow, tormented really good for our health? There are different and varied ways to change how long you live in the far future. Vegetarianism is the reliable source.

More and more teens and adults are turning into vegetarians, producing a more healthy lifestyle. Not only does it stop you from going to fast food restaurants, but helps with a stop thinking process. Many teens today are always acting on impulse with making rash decisions. Buhaltng around providing and analyzing strategies on which food chains is the right choice for you, helps with understanding to think before acting. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarians restaurants being brought up into cities, making it easier to be a vegetarian.
The only indescribable turning points of not eating meat is lack of protein. Protein is the main nutrition everybody needs to stay strong and well. Many peers may have an opinion on why vegetarianism is bad. But there are quite a lot of alternations due to this idea. As for replacing protein gained from meat, there are many other resources with alternatives, such as peanut butter, tofu, beans, and actual vitamins itself. With all of this providing even more rational reasons to decide what is best and least for your body.

And us humans are not just the ones that feel the need to fulfill our wishful insights. Animals all over the earth deserve to live and experience good conditions.

This is the true meaning in itself about the real effect on animal cruelty. There are plenty of people being demanding of their needs. Crying out to the wistful event of never ending, hoping, and holding on to the thought of getting their way in a wave of a wand. Therefore, compeling the burden of harm onto these poor creatures. Helping them is always the best option to one’s mind. But the question of fact is that, can everyone shift into vegetarians. Well with the thought of joining a group to stop or turn is the most helpful and thoughtful source to be given.

Another working that is always an issue is, being a vegetarian and trying your best to stay on track and most healthy as possible. It could be very hard to make sure you are going the right direction with this, providing your body with the full nutritional needed. That is where vitamins or other options come into view. For our body to really process we need things for example, iron and protein. This is all resolved with certain vitamins to give in the need of your health to stay secure. Furthermore, catching all the proportional insights satisfied.

As a result, vegetarianism brings the joyful satisfying thought of stopping animal cruelty, staying healthy, and being more rational when it comes to thinking. The world has so much crisis that we are all falling apart with having that one special thing in common. Causing there to be more irrational decisions brought to all of us. The world hunger is just being plaid upon and nothing is there to stop it. But the vegetarianism is always an option for the willing to be put to the test. This also showing a big example to the reason of world hunger. Vegetarianism can help with this such catastrophe, assisting the ones in need. Bringing us hope and binding us together finding a way to be a unit.

The author's comments:
I am currently a vegetarian and I am working on an animal cruelty project for school and I got inspired to help contribute to protecting animals and also spreading the word of vegetarianism.

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