The Enemy

April 26, 2012
By Adam222222 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Adam222222 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The enemy is neither seen nor heard. His location is unknown, and his reasons are beyond understanding. He is the one that is accountable for all the unbearable times, the sleepless nights, the hopeless days, and the countless numbers of hurt friends and families. He hides in the darkest of shadows and only reveals his presence in the most miserable of times. With the ability to destroy days, friendships, relationships, families, and lives, he waits. Why he does these things is unknown. Why he decides to claim power over innocent minds and bring a man to his saddest of times is beyond thought. He is not a physical enemy, nor one that a man can fight with his hands. He is the one who hides inside the mind where only the strong can defeat him. He knows of ways to twist a man's mind, to bend it in such ways that make life seem impossible, hopeless, or unfeasible. He will do anything to win, to achieve power over a man’s mind and body. Though he is unseen, unheard, and invisible, he does have a weakness: knowledge. The power to talk to loved ones and express feelings will cause him to lose. As easy at it seems, he has ways of stopping his host causing them to sit and stare at nothing. Their minds lost and hopes destroyed, they feel unable to talk. The enemy knows that it’s his true weakness, and he fights to hide it. This villainous enemy is known as depression.
A man’s will to be happy, to love, to sleep, and to live will destroy depression. Depression, a suitable foe of many people, can be defeated, but the first step is to always talk. Once a man or woman talks and expresses his or her problem, the enemy doesn’t stand a chance. He will lose; he will fail, and the man or woman who chooses to fight back with knowledge and the power of words will win. Depression can be stopped, destroyed, and fixed.

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I want to help others.

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