April 12, 2012
By Anonymous

I believe that cigarette smoking and any other kind is very harmful to your health. First off, it decreases life expectancy by about twelve minutes; also, it’s the leading cause of cancer; lastly, it is very unattractive and sometimes offensive to people. Regardless of what people might tell you, smoking is bad and it dos not make you cool.

Why would anyone want to do something that just leads to a horrible and unnecessary death? If you smoke, you’re killing yourself. Statistics have shown that each cigarette smoked is taking about twelve to fourteen minutes off your own life. That can quickly turn into years. Ponce you start smoking, everything just goes downhill from there.

Not only are cigarettes the leading cause of cancer, but also the leading cause of death. Diseases such as emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease, and it also causes other issues such as nausea and depression. 87% of death are because of lung cancer. This is the main preventable death in America. I can be stopped if you talk to the smoker about getting help to quit.

In my opinion, smoking is the most unattractive thing about a person. It will make you smell bad and make your clothes, and hair smell like smoke. To some people, it is very unattractive and unnecessary to smoke. Most places have banned smoking from inside a building. It’s actually offensive to some people. Anti-smoking committees are working to completely stop smoking.

Smoking has been around for awhile now, but as the years passed, it has only gotten more and more toxic. I think these three topics best describe why smoking is bad. They are just a few of the many negatives of smoking. Smoking is not worth risking your life, getting cancer, or being looked down on. This can all be prevented if you do not smoke or quit while you can.

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