Manmade Drought and Famine

January 31, 2012
By surya1v BRONZE, Chesterfield, New Jersey
surya1v BRONZE, Chesterfield, New Jersey
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Lugging heavy jugs full of brown water miles and miles back to your home. Taking a shower with only a few gallons of water. Having to boil water for a drink. These are many of the necessities to survive in a third world country. People struggle everyday just to get by while we squeeze out the world’s resources leaving none for others. We take everything we have for granted in America, blinded to the rest of the world’s sorrow. Children who are just like us are not playing with their friends, but working in fields plowing the ground for food just to eat. I believe its time for us to stomp down our ignorance and rise up in a compassionate manner to the people that need us.

According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, statistics show that there are 925 million hungry people in the world, mostly in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. There are also many more people who are malnourished. It is also a fact that if everybody in the U.S.A donated 25 dollars to the World Hunger Association, most of the world’s hungry people would be able to eat for 3 days. If we take small steps, we can eventually reach a bigger goal to stop world hunger. It could, in turn, benefit our economy. When people don’t have to worry about their stomach, they will have more time to get a decent job, buy a better home, and live their dreams.
Another problem we have to solve is that we should provide waters to the ones that need us. According to the The Global Water Association, 6 million children die because of an inability to find drinking water. The sad part is that water is only a mere 100 feet underground. Only when we help the ones that need us we help ourselves. Their cry for help should be heard. The citizens of the U.S.A should donate money to benefit cleaner water and transporting to home. WE are obligated to help them, so let’s answer this man made drought and famine.

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