Growing Pains

December 7, 2011
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Why could getting hurt be good for a person? I think getting hurt, not in a major way, could be good. It could be good in three ways. You might learn not to do whatever it is that got you hurt. You might get stronger from it. If you were playing a sport that you enjoy you could also get better at the sport you were doing.

Experiencing an injury could teach you not to repeat an accident. For instance, think back to when you were maybe 5 or 6 years old and you touched a hot stove top, chances are you try not to do that again. When you touched the stove top the feeling was negative, so you try to avoid doing that again. Or when you’re walking and you stub your toe on something it hurts and you end up jumping around holding your toe. After that you probably avoided doing that again.

You could get stronger when you hurt yourself. When you were younger and you get hurt you probably started to cry and went to your mom or dad for help or comfort. Now that you are older the pain probably doesn't affect you in the same way. You probably won’t start crying and go to your mom or dad because that would be very embarrassing. Now you may not notice it or you may know that you are hurt but you can ignore it. When I was younger and got I always would go to an adult for help or for some sort of comfort, now that I’m older I no longer go to an adult for any help when I hurt unless it is a serious injury.

If you were doing a sport like biking, snowboarding, wake boarding, etc. you may get better at that sport. Your first time jumping a bike you probably did not land the first try, you may or may have not gotten hurt, but if you did get hurt you would have tried to correct what you did wrong the first time. Or in a sport like snowboarding, most people fall their first time trying, but once you fall you try to correct what you did wrong. When I first tried doing a jump on a snowboard I fell many times before actually getting it the jump done correctly. Each time I didn’t get hurt but when I did I tried to correct what I was doing wrong. By correcting what I was doing wrong I got better at that sport.

Could getting hurt could be a good thing? Getting hurt could be a good thing. It could be a good thing in 3 or more ways. You will learn not to do what you were doing when you got hurt. You can get stronger from it. If you got hurt doing a sport you may get better at that sport.

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