Drugs On The Teenage Mind

November 10, 2011
By Himzy1 BRONZE, West Valley City, Utah
Himzy1 BRONZE, West Valley City, Utah
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“Hey, wants some drugs?” This sentence is only 4 words and yet it’s one of the most crucial and undeniably one of the most dangerous sentences a teenager can hear, and it’s also one of the most common sentences a teenager can hear in high school.
The media doesn’t help at all in this matter.
Recent studies have shown that media's influence on children in regards to drug use phenomenal. These studies found:
MUSIC- 63% of all Rap songs refer to illicit drugs in some manner.
TELEVISION- TV shows and music videos constantly bombard our children with the idea that drugs are cool, drugs are fun, and drugs are harmless.
ROLE MODELS- Rock Stars, Movie Actors, Models, and Professional Athletes are constantly being arrested for drug use, and because of their immense wealth, they suffer very little consequences for their actions - (http://www.drugtestingnetwork.com/teens-and-drugs.htm).

As Stated in the quote above the media has a strong influence most if not all teenagers. Now, they say that its mostly up to the teen if it really influences them to do drugs but as a teenager I see how rappers and rockers sing about getting high, and I’m not going to lie when I say that I have been curious of what it feels like and I know most of my friends feel the same way because they have told me, but the media also exploits all these actors that have gotten so high/drunk that they end up washed up has-beens and that always pulls me back to reality, but I know some teens get passed that fact and get addicted to whatever drug they are consuming and ultimately can’t stop even if they want to.

Drugs get spread around almost exactly how diseases do, it starts with 1 person, then that one person shares it with more and more people but unlike a disease some kids actually want to do drugs. The sad part is that kids aren’t getting these drugs from strangers, they are not going into dark alleys, they’re not stealing it from pharmacies, and they’re getting it from their own friends! It is so easy that now it really only takes a teen to walk to the persons locker and pay a certain amount and, bam, they’re hooked.
This got me thinking of my cousin, Brandon, he’s 14 he’s been jumped into a gang, gone to boot camps, and yet nothing has changed. He’s was just recently let out of a 1 month rehab session, and after hearing the conversations between my mother and my aunt, it doesn’t seem wither the boot camp or the rehab worked. they say that its really up to the teen if he wants to change, I Say that most teens know they’re doing something bad and they’re also smart enough to know where they’re heading they just need the right kind of help.
Every teen is different, that’s mainly the reason every teen doesn't recover from boot camp or a rehab but we wouldn’t need either of these if the words “Hey, want some drugs?” would’ve never been uttered

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