juvenile relationships

November 3, 2011
By anthony.phelps7 BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
anthony.phelps7 BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Juvenile relationships

Relationships in high school are becoming a necessity in a teen's social stature, but little do teenagers know that currently the statistics of a relationship lasting out of high school until marriage is 3%. Meaning 97% of the teens out there in relationships are going to get their heart broken one day; we all know a teenager in emotional distress is less likely to be as focused as an emotional sound child in the classroom. Meaning that relationships pose a negative influence on teenagers because of emotional distress, drama, and the peer pressure of sex.

Relationships in high school pose a negative influence on teenagers’ academic performance because of the dearth of this so called “love” they share for one another. Since the statistics of how many relationships make it out of high school are extremely low, drama is right around the corner from the love teens once shared. Drama, the ugly step sister of affection, is frequently lurking around teenager’s affairs, waiting to snap on the innocent unsuspecting teens like a mouse going for some cheese on a mouse trap. Drama these days can be so bad to where it pressures a once diligent student to consider suicide to get away from their once loving spouse.

Relationships in high school pose a negative influence on teenagers because of the constant push to have sex. When in relationships there is always that pressure that the couple needs to sleep with each other. Sex is a predominant problem partially because of the raging hormones within a teen at that age and partially because our friends around us push them to have sex. In my personal observations on relations I have seen girls we said were “prude” be forced into sex because the spouse of the opposite sex wanted to, and we all know sex can lead to babies, STD’s, and all other negative things that can affect a student’s academic scores.

Relationships in high school pose a negative influence on teenagers because of the lack of love, drama, and push for sex. These three things can take a teenagers mind totally away from school. Having a child in classing musing on some other thoughts of their loved one is a dangerous thing for academic scores.

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