The Outcome of Bad Teeth

October 13, 2011
By Freddie Frost BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
Freddie Frost BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
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Everybody isn't born with perfect teeth. Some people had messed up teeth when they were born. For the people that was born with straight teeth, there's a chance that they messed up their teeth when they were little.

There are multiple ways kids can mess up their teeth. One way is eating too much candy. Children love to eat candy. Since candy is packed with sugar, kids love to eat it. After they eat the candy, they never want to brush their teeth. Not brushing your teeth, could lead to you having plaque and stains on your teeth. Not brushing your teeth could also lead to rotten teeth.

After your teeth is messed up, the first though that should pop into your head should be braces. Braces will help your teeth become straight again if they are messed up. It may take some time, but your teeth will look good again.

Having braces isn't a fun process. There's only certain things you do or cant do. You can't eat hard candy, bite straight into apples, chew ice, drink sodas out of a cans, or eat caramel. If you do the opposite of those things, you might break a bracket or something.

The hardest part about having braces is brushing them. There's a certain way you're suppose to brush your teeth. If you don't brush your teeth the proper way, you would mess up your teeth. You would have a small square in the center of your tooth when your braces come off. That square represents the healthy part of your teeth. Everything else is plaque. So the best word of adivice if you have braces is, take your time when you brush your teeh. If not, you won't be satisfied with your teeth when your finish.

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