October 13, 2011
By austin vigurie BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
austin vigurie BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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Ever person has thought of suicide once in life.This accrues mostly teens and middle age people.It happens for three main reasons.The main one is problems with friends and family.The second re son is life is just not going that person way.The finale reason is bulling.We must do something to stop this.
There are three main sines of suicide.So if you notices any of these sines you should try to help the person.The first sines of this is cutting,early sines of cutting is the person will all ways where something covering his or her wrist.The person will all ways be alone.The person whole personality will change.This person need help,this person wants a friend,this person need you by there side to help them.
Anther reason is bulling.the finely sine is money problems.Bulling is a main reason because it hurts people it leads to cutting,drinking,and smocking.Most people don't know but none of these things kill the pain it just numes it up for a while.We all most band together to stop all the pain that is being caused.
What would you do if you seen some one with cuts on his or her arms?What would you do if you see all the sines happening to a friend would you help or just sit there and watch the person give there life up?All this person wants is a friend in this world so will you be there?There is some people that care there are helplines like to write love on her arms and a suicide hot line.So will you be there for some.

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