October 3, 2011
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Have we thanked the fast food industry lately? Have we paid respect to it for all the benefits it has bestowed upon us? Think of all the time and trouble it has saved us. There is an establishment on every corner. We do not even have to go to the bother of walking to the restaurant. Our hunger cravings are instantly gratified, as we drive up to that window, and watch our order served by the most amicable of staff. Our food is thoughtfully packaged so that it is easily accessible and able to be engulfed in the minutes while we are driving. One would assume that the price tag would reflect such high efficiency and standards, but, not to our dismay, dollar menus are available everywhere. Even the stingiest of budgets can afford at least a four-course meal from a number of fast food vendors. Have a bit more in your wallet? The specialty entrées are still quite low and allow the munificent option of super-sizing your meal for only pennies more. Where else can you get so much of the food you really crave? All varieties of hamburgers come with factory-fresh meat and the options of nutritious ice burg lettuce, double cheese, triple bacon, and, if there is room, tomatoes. Special sauces slather the bread and juicily drip down with each bite. For the fast food connoisseur, one prestigious restaurant offers a sandwich so ingenious that bread and vegetables are not necessary—fried meat, bacon, and cheese take up the entity of the meal. Finally, no meal is complete without french fries. A fast-food staple, this starchy delicacy comes swimming in its own flavorsome greases. Always available, always affordable, and always intensely satisfying, fast-food has become a welcome facet of American life. So let us say thank you to the generous benefactor who has filled our stomachs and profoundly touched our hearts.

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