School Officials Focusing too Much on One Thing

September 3, 2011
By Regs_the_Shorty GOLD, Frankfort, Illinois
Regs_the_Shorty GOLD, Frankfort, Illinois
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At my school the school officials focus on stopping bullying, we have had many assemblies and yet none on the affects of drunk driving, texting while driving, and drugs.

They say that bullying takes lives and I know that it does but so does texting while driving, drunk driving, and drugs.

First of all, some of my friends have been offered drugs at my school, luckily they knew about the affects about drugs and said no. But I often wonder what if they didn't know the consequences? Would they have died? And what about the kids that don't know about the consequences? Tons of them say yes and the die.

Plus, I know we are still young but we should be teaching about the effect that drunk driving has on people? I was in a crash with a drunk driver and that drunk driver caused thousands of dollars in repairs to my families car not to mention them being sued. Many kids, some not even one years old yet are killed in crashes that concerns someone driving while intoxicated.

Besides, most people can't get off their phones long enough to concentrate on driving and because of that people will be gone forever because of them not being able to put away their phones. Them reading a text such as "Where are you" or "Hey" can result in them losing control of the car and potentially killing or paralyzing some one or themselves. Schools should show a video explaining the possible outcomes of texting while driving.

Last of all, when we have had bullying assembles a lot of my friends were getting annoyed because they had heard enough of the bullying. I heard comments such as "Enough with the bullying" and "We understand can we go home now?" I'm not saying we should stop with telling kids bullying is wrong but we should focus on other issues as well.

The bottom line is that schools should show students the aftermath of things they may be pressured into or not understanding the possible fates they can faces. Not only the ones I listed but others as well. It's because of all of the reasons I have explained that I think that School Officials are focusing to much on bullying and not on other important things.

The author's comments:
Schools need to focus on more than one issue.

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on Jan. 21 2012 at 3:18 pm
Regs_the_Shorty GOLD, Frankfort, Illinois
13 articles 0 photos 129 comments

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Thank you!(:

on Nov. 29 2011 at 7:05 pm
Pretzel..Dream GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
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Schools do tend to focus on bullying, I know that happens in my school. This is very well thought out I like it. :)

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