Teenage Temptations

July 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Every teen wants to be excepted. They want to be wanted, and they want to feel like they belong. I've had this feeling before, and i have fallen to teenage temptations. but it isnt fun. being in high school and being a teen in general is SO hard but no one really seems to get it. people say they understand but they really dont. now a days they're so many things that can lead teens down the wrong path if they are not strong minded. Many kids at my school are alcoholics, and they haven't even graduated. Many smoke dangerous drugs, and they haven't even turned 16. Many have died from intoxication and drug abuse, and they didn't even get to go off to college. I have done things during my teen years that i regret. and all becuase i wanted to feel like i belonged. i wanted to fit in so bad i lost myself and did what others thought was 'COOL' but was honestly reckless, and stupid. There are so many temptations like drugs, and alcohol, but also cutting and being skinny and doing all these things. Many who dont feel wanted cut, and many who are unahppy with their apperance have eating disorders. but i know one things is for sure. it does get better over time. you realize high school is something everyone goes through and a few years after you graduate you wont even remeber half of the kids names. but for now be strong and you'll be able to overcome teenage temptations.

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