June 13, 2011
By Cradley51 BRONZE, E. Waterboro, Maine
Cradley51 BRONZE, E. Waterboro, Maine
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Splenda is an sweetener that is sold worldwide and is calorie free. Splenda is also consumed by just over 200,000,000 people worldwide. It was introduced in March of 1998. Splenda is consumed by just over 60 percent of artificial sweetener users. People say Splenda is good for your health, but Splenda is hazardous for your health.

Splenda causes cancer. Facts are conclusive that 1 in about every 200 rats got cancer in multiple organs, including lymph glands, the brain, and the kidney when being tested with Splenda.

Splenda is not cost effective. It costs 7 USD to buy 200 packets of Splenda and it costs 89 cents to buy a pound of sugar. Now is Splenda worth the risk? I would certainly think not. Along with the cost, in this economy, it is not worth it.

Aspartame is poisonous. In 1976 the FDA Commissioner Schmidt was brought to court because he was caught falsifying facts used to say that the toxin Aspartame is not dangerous in massive quantities. But there is so much aspartame in Splenda that it is hazardous to peoples’ health.

Now Aspartame is the main ingredient in Splenda, which is where all the problems are. It is also in a sweetener called Nutrasweet, along with another sweetener called Equal, but in these specific sweeteners it is found in minor quantities. But in splenda it is found in massive quantities. Equal is also a zero calorie sweetener option so why would you not use that instead? It’s an amazing idea and it costs less than Splenda (2.00 for 200 packets).

There are reasons why people would like too keep Splenda. But the risks far outweigh the gains. Splenda is very good for the economy. With its skyrocketing price it really makes the consumer pay more and gets more currency into circulation. But with the price and the economy in its current state who on Earth can afford it!? With zero calories it appeals to dieters, but it can still potentially give you cancer. You can use it in coffee because unlike regular sugar Splenda is very light and does does not sink. However you can use other artificial sweeteners. There is liquid sugar which just stirs into your coffee and tea.

So Splenda, the zero calorie option is not a better option for sugar or artificial sweeteners after all.

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i hate it when this happens

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Thanks fr writing! It is so true.


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