Dangerous Drugs

May 27, 2011
By Fischer BRONZE, Dewitt, Michigan
Fischer BRONZE, Dewitt, Michigan
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My mom once said “did you know that most drug dealers don’t do drugs themselves, because they know it’s stupid. They know you will like it after the first try which is free.” I wish everyone knew the dangers of drugs like I do.

First of all, most drugs are illegal. I think that all drugs should be illegal. The government also has the power to make them illegal because they have been found to be dangerous. This is why I think all drugs should be illegal.

My second reason is, more deaths are from drugs than anything else. Five million deaths are caused from tobacco use per year. Tobacco is a legal drug used by 30% of the world’s population. Alcohol, a substance like drugs causes two million deaths per year. No wonder drugs are illegal they kill people!

My third reason for people to learn about the dangers of drugs is most people do drugs because there parents do drugs. If you do drugs yourself your kids will most likely do drugs too! Do you really want your kids to do drugs? Don’t do drugs; your kids will most likely follow in your footsteps.

Another issue is, drugs are used to cover up emotional problems, but they really make it worse. Most people think drugs help your emotions, but they really make them worse. They want their problems to go away so they cover them up with drugs. Only God can make your emotional problems go away.

It’s obvious that drugs are bad for your health. When you use drugs your eyes get all screwed up. Some parts are ok, but the negatives outweigh the positives. It is very important to protect your health.

In addition, drugs are damaging to your future. Not many people will want you for a job. If you get caught smoking pot you will go to jail and eventually rehab. Drug addicts spend nearly a billion dollars on illegal and legal drugs per year.

Now that you all know the dangers of drugs. I hope that none of you will do drugs. So stay away from drugs they will ruin your life!

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