Sex is more than Sex.

May 24, 2011
By , peoria, AZ
Sex is a popular topic by itself, but having sex before marriage is an extremely controversial situation. Having sex in general at a young age may be extremely offensive to some but too many people of all ages sex isn't a huge deal. A large amount of people feel that sex is a special thing that a husband and a wife should partake in and that if you are truly in love with someone you can wait until you are married. That special bond should only go on with one person, the one person you marry, and want to spend your whole life with. In the Bible is also says that all who are sexually impure with not go to heaven. David MacDonald from Life and Family says “Sex creates an unbreakable bond for eternity with the sex partner. (1 Cor 6:16) That's why it needs to happen only within the eternal bond of marriage.” Sex is a powerful thing. However, there are two sides to every controversy. The other side is that's having sex before marriage doesn't really matter. They have the resources of birth control and condoms to protect themselves so they won't get pregnant. Also someone is really fond of another it's a wonderful way to show your affection for them. The media also influences sexual relations with others whether you’re together or not. According to writer Jessica Smith, “Sex is everywhere. It permeates television shows, the Internet and magazines. Even children’s movies have thinly veiled sexual undertones.” Sex is hard to avoid. Unfortunately no matter what the topic not everyone will agree with one side, there will always be people who disagree. A way to compromise this situation is have sex only when you feel as if this person will be in your future and you know you are both

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