May 2, 2011
By brennadowdy BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
brennadowdy BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
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Would you rather work/learn in an air conditioned school with all of your friends or be forced to work every day in a hot compacted sweatshop? Well, most immigrants don’t have much of a choice. They get low wage for high amounts of hours of suffering in very critical conditions. It is not safe! No one should have to work in such hard conditions.

When people go to the mall or just about any clothing place, little do they know that blood sweat, and tears went into just about every shirt or pair of jeans they just saw or bought. Kids and adults that work in sweatshops work in horrible conditions in horrible stained, used, old, smelly gowns. Imagine if you had to go to school in one of those? Workers of all ages, mostly women and girls as young as thirteen labor in dark, cramped work spaces where there was little ventilation. They operate dangerous machinery without any safety protections and are vulnerable to fire, accidents and abuse from their bosses for as long as fifteen hours a day (miller 2) The workers are only permitted two bathroom breaks a day. They are forbidden to talk to each other during work hours, and were searched every morning upon entering the building. Wages at these factories started at 0.31 cents an hour for such awful work (Miller 1). These people do not deserve to be put in such conditions like this. It’s not healthy or fair for innocent people to be treated like trash. They also make America look bad, like were all selfish, rude people. And that’s a label that no one wants. Thus, sweat shops need to be illegal and banned, and clothes need to be made in factories where people are treated with respect.

Even with all the workers working in such a dreadful place for such low wage and little respect, it’s sad that most of the workers choose and actually want to work in sweatshops. Some argue that sweatshop conditions are acceptable in immigrant cultures. In reality, people only work in sweatshops when they have no alternative. Even though most of us don’t see it, without these workers we would barely have any clothes, electronics, and many other things to buy, so prices would go up. So, we need to be grateful for all the miserable workers in sweatshops and treat them with more respect

Sweatshops should be illegal, even if most of the workers choose to be there. That still doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer, because mostly all of them do in one way or another. If we as Americans want and need such things as clothes, electronics, and almost everything else that we use every day, then we need to make them the right way. This would mean as closing down all sweatshops and having factories where people are treated right and wages are flexible, instead of wearing/using someones suffering.

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