What We Eat: It Makes A Difference

May 1, 2011
By leemanchio BRONZE, Commack, New York
leemanchio BRONZE, Commack, New York
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What and why we eat certain foods plays a vital role in an individual’s health. Most skeptics who do not look at what they eat are usually unhealthy. I am a very health conscious person. I eat as little sugars as possible because I want to have an athletic edge in soccer. Using your head and researching what to eat can overall make a happier, healthier person. For example, before you have an athletic event you want to be hydrated. Water is a vital role of a person’s health. Second, eating one to two hours before the event is highly recommended. This can consist of peanut butter, chicken, nuts, or lean meat. Staying away from high carbohydrates and fatty foods will give you that extra feeling of energy. I know this from all the soccer I play. Eating quality food will help you out tremendously.
People will often lose focus on what they truly want in life. They forget that being healthy will give them an even more enjoyable life. Watching your body and maintaining your stature is important in your daily intake. Fruits, vegetables; especially dark green ones, and quality forms of protein will benefit your body. I often research certain vitamins and what foods provide them; I believe this is a smart decision because I will develop better eating habits. If someone wants to get lean, they should workout a few times a week and eat quality meat and nuts. If someone wants to look healthier and feel better, eating low fat food and fruits/vegetables will do just this.
Looking at what you eat will help you in the long run. People who are lazy and eat what’s in front of them will make them suffer in the future when they have to worry about their weight. Taking the time to see what and why you’re eating such foods will definitely show an improvement in ones lifestyle.

The author's comments:
This piece is important to me as it reflects my ideas on health. I am aware of my body as I try to be healthy in what I eat. This writing piece informs the youth on what we should consider when eating.

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on Apr. 30 2015 at 10:22 am
yeah i get it u should eat healthy if u want to be healthy but some people have tried everything and just cant lose the weight and taking pills dont necessarily make anything better

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