May 1, 2011
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A sliver of memory,evoked from her now incoherent mind,showed her the darkest blue eyes that could see through one's soul.She had inherited those eyes,only now they were reduced to cold black discs.The intelligence that they once harbored,was lost and so was the vigour.She was a startling image of her mother only her hair had the warm colour of honeysuckles infused with a deep red.Red, the deepest darkest red, reminded her of blood and all things melancholic.Temptation might as well be one of the seven deadly sins,she thought to herself with dark humour.Temptation, innocuous at first, morphed into gluttony and addiction.She knew that.Better than anyone else.She convulsed in pain,twisting her body in positions which might help.She knew her life had gone in vain and she had no one to blame but herself.As she drifted in and out of consciousness, she tried to piece together her broken life.She heard laughter, faint at first but then it overpowered her ,pulling her into a dream which was once her life.Images of people she loved danced in her mind,their voices ringing in her ears,as tears sprung to her eyes.She felt them hot,leaving clear trails on her dirty cheeks.She reveled in it's warmth as they freely flowed down.As her brain projected her memories like a movie,she lay there absorbing the comfort it provided.Her mother with her tinkling laughter,evaded her father's grasp as she ran around in circles,while he ran close behind with hands outstretched.She remembered her eight year old self running as if her life depended upon it but was soon swooped into the air by a pair of large hands.She felt her mother kiss her forehead as her father let her down but never left her hand.The pain which followed the memory was too excruciating so she quickly withdrew from the reminiscence.Her skin crawled and her stomach arched begging to satiate an insatiable urge.This time,her heart too, broke because she knew hopelessness.She screamed in agony,her body vibrating as she tried to curb the hunger which had consumed her whole.Too late,she thought to herself.Yes it was too late to regret,too late to remember,too late to save her.She had willfully tumbled down a trodden tunnel,where no one could follow her.She had created herself a hell,from where everything she saw was in flames.She was the one engulfed in fire,she realized now.Why?why did the regret come now she asked herself and anyone who listened.Because it's time to be at peace with yourself and reconcile with your Saviour ,boomed a voice in her head.So she obediently closed her eyes for the last time,as remorse filled her.She felt her spirit abandoning her,everything went numb.Relief and gratefulness enveloped her as her physical being lay at peace for once.For the first time in a long time she sensed unencumbered hope for her soul as it departed.

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