110-- Yikes!

April 23, 2011
By Anonymous

All my life I've been overweight. I mean, I was a cute, average-sized toddler. But when I turned about 7, I was a noticeably "big girl." I grew up with a bunch of older female cousins. All you'd ever hear was 'Oooh only 100 calories!' But that was always closely followed by 'Can you read?! It's got enough sodium for a bag of pretzels!' But that was about 6 years ago. And frankly, it has gotten worse. Now, all you'll hear is a teenage girl scream if she reaches 110 lbs. And if she is, she'll do her extreme workout routine. Then, she will weigh herself like she does every other hour. But I bet some of you are wondering, why 110? Why not 109 or 111? Well, 110 is the minimum weight you can be in order to donate blood. That means that once the blood is removed from your system, you will still have enough left to live. I just don't get how it became such a crime to have enough blood in your system to live if you were ever in a fight or mugged and left there to die. But I'm just saying.

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