Teen Pregnancy

March 8, 2011
By , South Charleston, WV
Teen Pregnancy is a big problem in the world today. Some girls are getting pregnant just to try to be on the show " 16 and pregnant. I'm not saying all girls are because that wouldn't be the truth. In 2009 the teen pregnancy rate was low, that's a good thing. Some girls think that having babies are cool and they can take care of it. But, how would you pay for that baby if you aren't even old enough to get a job to support your baby. Sometimes, the boys don't stay with you and I know it's heartbreaking because you wish they would. Having a baby is a big responsibility, and at our age we aren't ready. Your going to have the same feelings if you have a baby at 25. I know not all people are going to listen to what I'm saying , i didn't think that. But the people that do read this, just think would you be a good mom at 16?

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