February 4, 2011
Cancer is sometimes referred to as the big C, The C word. When you say it almost no one wants to speak. Cancer has become such a heartbreaking word. Usually it's because it's related to the word Death. In my life I've seen two very close family members of mine go through the agony Cancer causes. The fear in their eyes as they know they're approaching death soon. Seeing my papaw go through it, I never expected my grandma to get it too. Cancer is a disease where it sneaks up on you and when you find it it's almost to late. It was for my papaw and it is for my grandma. She's going through it as I type. They say she may have two more weeks. Cancer is a kidnapper. It stole my favorite man in the world from me, and now it's stealing away my precious grandma. I hate Cancer! It makes me sick! To see your family go through it is torture. No one deserves to go out of the world like this. Cancer is evil. Cancer cripples you, you can't move or speak. You may smile but inside your in excruciating pain. You try to act like it doesn't bother you, because you don't want to scare you family. All the medicine makes you feel like a different person. Cancer steals your identity. I want to stop Cancer from destroying anymore families. Helping them avoid the pain of losing a love one. I want to END CANCER! I pray they find a cure. Because Cancer is like wildfire and it spreads so fast and to so many people. It makes me wanna go crazy. I just want to give my grandma the life she deserves, not the one she's living right now. The one where she's in pain and dying in a hospital bed. There was so many things I wanted to do with her that I'll never ever get to experience. My 16 birthday, My High School graduation, Me going off to college, My Wedding day. The list goes on. Cancer is a dream crusher. One day I pray they'll be a cure and that no one will have to go through this anymore. I pray to God that he'll have his way. Cancer is a Monster.

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Ashlaf4ever said...
Mar. 10, 2011 at 9:48 am
My grandma passed away Febuary 13th. I miss her so much.
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