What Are Sports to You?

February 3, 2011
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There are two types of sports fans: the after worker and the instead of worker. For the after worker watching sports is simply a hobby. But the instead of worker is that crazed fan you see shirtless in the front row with his friends in full body paint. This is the guy who never misses kick off, tip off, or the first serve. No matter what the sport he is front and center. Just as there are two types of fans there are two types of people that play sports. There is the kid that plays at the park with his friends on weekends or just plays the video game version as their favorite super star player. And then there is the kind of kid who is absolutely consumed by the sport, the kid that spends every waking hour improving themselves on and off the court. This type of kid even strives to improve in their sleep. For most people watching or playing sports is a hobby, but for few, sports are a passion.

For all the people that only view sports as an occurrence I have to disagree. To me a sport is an event no matter the game or its magnitude. To those who just watch, the championship game is the most important part of the season. But for anyone who loves or even just plays a sport should know practices have the most importance. Without practices you will never make it to even the play-offs. Without practice your skills and team chemistry will not be anywhere near where it has to be in order to win a single game.

For those who love playing sport and have a passion for one I particular it may only have taken you one try. For me it took six tries: basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and the only one I liked before I fell in love with volleyball was gymnastics. Gymnastics was my first sport and the adrenaline of twisting through the air as you finish your full lay out of your floor routine, or the feeling of achievement after sticking the landing of a flawless high bar routine. That is what got me hooked on physical activities wither it be an organized sport or jump rope in second grade P.E. class. Out of all the sports I’ve tried volleyball is the one that stuck. I’ve been playing this absolutely amazing sport for six years now and I have only grown to love it more and more every day. Although I have found my true passion I haven’t stopped looking for another sport to keep me busy this year I have also decided to do track and I’m so excited.

So if you don’t even have a clue about what your relationship with sports is, get up, get out and try one. And don’t give up if the first one doesn’t work out. Just even the health aspect of playing a sport should encourage you to get up off the couch and get active. Murphy’s Law will make the last sport you ever even think to play be the one you like the most.

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