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March 3, 2011
By Asizzleman23 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Asizzleman23 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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In today’s world, possibilities are endless. In fact, the possibilities are so endless that a little green plant can be sold for thousands by the pound. What is this plant you may ask? It is marijuana. In the United States, this illicit drug revenues an annual 14 billion dollars. To me, it seems unjust that criminals can earn so much money by selling drugs to not so bright teenagers when honest, hardworking people have to work several hours of labor, days at a time to maybe make what a drug dealer makes in one day. Marijuana causes nothing but trouble. Therefore, I think it should remain illegal.

Weed, green, herb, bud, kush, and chronic are just some of the different names for marijuana. No matter what you call it, marijuana is an overall negative drug. It is the most popular illicit drug in the U.S. It is so notorious that 39.8% of Americans have tried it at least once. Marijuana use is most common in people of ages 18-25. These are typically the years of age of young adults in college who are known for experimenting and trying new things. “Weed” is known for being a gateway drug. Abusers often start with alcohol, move onto weed, and then move on to more harmful substances like cocaine and heroin. 62% of adults who tried this drug before the age of 15 tried cocaine at one point or another in their life. This is just one of the many negative consequences of marijuana.

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Another consequence of marijuana is what it does to your brain. Heavy or constant marijuana use affects the portion of the brain which controls memory, attention, and information intake. Marijuana use enhances the speed that nerve cells in a human brain are lost. These nerve cells affect memory and after a while, remembering the chores your mom told you to do 10 minutes ago will be a hard task. These mental side effects may lead to more serious psychotic issues like paranoia, schizophrenia, etc. Another very serious internal problem would be the risk of developing lung cancer. Cancer is an incurable disease. Is getting high for a few minutes every day worth death? Some say that weed doesn’t have negative side effects when it is taken in moderation. Weed has highly addictive properties which make taking it in moderation a difficult task.

After becoming addicted to marijuana, addicts notice their wallets getting thinner and thinner. They become dependent on this drug and start having withdrawals if they don’t get their fix. Money doesn’t come in an endless supply so the lack of it may force the harshest of addicts to go to last resorts like stealing from their family, friends, or anyone in between just so they can have the money to get their fix. Sure marijuana has its medicinal purposes but there aren’t several millions of Americans with glaucoma. So don’t always believe a marijuana abuser if they claim to have glaucoma and smoke weed for medicinal purposes.

Like I mentioned, weed distribution is a multi-billion dollar industry. What is done with that money though? It’s more than likely being used to purchase more negative things like weapons or more drugs. Taxpayers lose more than $50 billion a year due to the government

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losing the drug war. The drug industry has become so large and out of hand that 3 out of 4 Americans don’t think the war on drugs can be won. Although, studies have shown that marijuana use is slightly declining each year and hopefully that continues. It is believed that marijuana use is declining because of the government’s efforts to educate juveniles in schools across the nation about the effects and consequences of marijuana use.

Marijuana abuse may not come to a complete stop anytime soon but you can still have a part in the fight against drugs. If someone you know does drugs, talk to them and make them reconsider the repercussions of their actions. There is no reason to have to resort to drugs for any problems no matter how severe they may be. If you find yourself coming across marijuana or any other drug and have the choice to accept it, remember what you’re doing to yourself and the people that care about you. Common sense indicates that 10 out of 10 people die, what’s the rush?

The author's comments:
Andee sees a lt of people around him who smoke weed and he strongly opposes it.

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