Love is the Movement

February 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Brokenness, confusion and homelessness filled her life. All the rehab programs had kicked her out for multiple reasons—her addiction to drugs and self-injury held too high of a priority in her life. Escaping from these addictions required someone to care enough to commit, love and support her. Willed with love and concern, one young man committed his life to save his friend Renee, and in so doing, founded the organization To Write Love On Her Arms, also known as TWLOHA. He originally founded the organization to financially support Renee through rehab, but little did he know the organization would serve as a beacon of hope to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Jamie proved to the world that love can make a difference, and by simply loving someone you could save a life. Through all the hard times in my life and the lives of my friends, we have discovered through Jamie Tworkowski that the tool of love can set anyone free from their addictions.

Nobody forced Jamie to take in Renee; he did it out of his own will and passion to save those who had fallen into the tight grasp of the devil. As Jamie began to help Renee along the way, he realized the need to raise money for rehab, thus he founded To Write Love On Her Arms. Although the movement began small, Jamie worked so tirelessly to found this organization and taught thousands of people how to extend a hand of love out to the lost. They saved me. There came a point in my life where nothing mattered anymore and I had fallen into a state of depression, but because Jamie founded this organization and taught so many people how to love, I live in freedom. Not only did Tworkowski’s dedication and commitment to love help save my life, it taught me how to love – no matter what the cost. Renee lives in freedom now and reaches out to those who struggle daily, all because of Jamie Tworkowski and his love for the lost. Tworkowski remains my hero because he strives to show the world the need for love, while also bringing hope to depressed and addicted teens worldwide.

Jamie’s choice to help Renee through healing and rehab, changed her world and through that, he changed the lives of thousands. Creating the organization To Write Love On Her Arms brought hope to many teens and the number of saved lives increases daily. Suicide, addictions and depression present issues that people all over the world deal with, but the movement Jamie created seeks to change the way the world perceives depression, hurt and loneliness. Many friends of mine struggle with addictions and depression and To Write Love On Her Arms saved their lives. My hero taught me to love, trust and hope in Christ. Without Renee, TWLOHA, or Jamie, my life would not only show drastic differences than its current state, it would cease to exist.

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It's very well-written, convincing and moving.

I like it.

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