Obesity: America's National Crisis

January 31, 2011
By L.Collins BRONZE, Scranton, Pennsylvania
L.Collins BRONZE, Scranton, Pennsylvania
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Do you think obesity is a problem in America's society today? If you don't think so, think again. Obesity has taken over the lives of thousands of Americans across the country. Obesity has caused appalling amounts of health issues and deaths each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on weight loss products, and people's lifestyles can be completely altered by this worldwide epidemic. Obesity is no longer just a problem here in the United States. It has become a national crisis.
Thousands of Americans are diagnosed and are killed by obesity related diseases. Cancers including prostate, uterine, and kidney cancers are caused by this fast growing problem. Cardiovascular disease is also caused by this along with heart attack and stroke. Also, a scary 300,000 people die each from obesity related causes.
People spend billions of dollars on weight-loss products each year, yet 34% of all American adults are obese, not just overweight. 17% of all American children are also obese. If Americans spend so much money on losing weight, then why is the United States still have, by far, the most obese people in the world? Many people, although they may already be healthy and fit, may want to lose weight, while some of the overweight and obese people in America don't realize that being unhealthy can put them in their grave earlier than expected.
Americans lifestyles can be changed dramatically by obesity. Many American families today go to the cheap and affordable fast food restaurants. Yes, it may be a lot less money, but it's also a lot less good for you. Because people may not know that, they just keep eating there and gaining more and more weight. Kids today don't seem to want to go out and play sports anymore, for they only want to play video games and text their friends. This causes an atrocious amount of overweight teens and children.
Obesity has to stop in America and the people have to start realizing this. People die by the thousands each year, they spend billions of dollars on weight loss, and the lifestyles of thousands of families are changed for the worse. Will you help the fight against obesity? Or will you just stand on the sideline? It's your choice.

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