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January 10, 2011
By mohamed osman BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
mohamed osman BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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What is that possible? Why are teen’s texting instead of talking? Do you get annoyed when you’re texted? Why hasn’t anybody mentioned adults about texting?
Most teens get influenced easily. They want what they see. Tens want what is popular, and what is new. Some teens are addicted and some are not. Did you know that 40% more likely to have tried cigarettes than youths who spend less time texting. And 43% more likely to be binge drinkers, and 41% more likely to have used illicit drugs, and 55% more likely to have been in a physical fight. When teens get addicted they don’t care about things. Instead of learning they are texting someone in a class across from them. Some teens can’t even study without looking at their cells even once. When teens are addicted they can’t focus on anything. They make texting more important than anything in their life. Many teens don’t care. Why not just call the person instead of texting them. People find it easier to text then call, But is it the other way around. Some people ignore others just to reply to a text message. I find that really disrespectful. Why can’t a person answer a text after the conversation? Is it so tempting to reply? What dose it mean if you don’t reply to a text message? Dose it really mean that you are ignoring that person? Most people want to have phones so they can text. Friends influence friends, and those friends influence their friends. It’s a whole cycle. Influencing never stops and texting becomes more addicting.

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on Apr. 28 2011 at 8:45 pm
SignGirl BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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I wrote a speech against texting and I know were you are coming from. Did you know that "Psychologists who have found that texting can knock up to ten points of IQ off. Texting compares to smoking Marijuana by how much your IQ drops" thats a tid-bit of my speech. So I'm in the same boat as you.


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